Monday, June 14, 2010

Mid-June Garden Pictures

Our gardens are spectacular right now. We're devoting more attention to them this year than in three or four years. Above is a panorama, looking over rhubarb, wild columbines, irises and wild rosses, from the edge of the vegetable garden.

Below is a young radicchio head forming. It is a transplant from my greenhouse.

Here's a Chioggia beet, also a transplant. It will be ready to eat in two weeks.

Violas in Judy's rock garden.
More of Judy's alpine perennials.
A set of hybrid columbine. They are a combination of wild Alaska columbine and our other non-native plants. The pinkness of these flowers may be unique. They are quite pretty.

More of Judy's perennials.


donlw said...

It must be a great year weather-wise for gardening in the Mat-Su as well?
From an acquaintance's FB page: "to plant a garden is to be happy all your life"
Keep up the good progressive fight gently!

akbright said...

Thanks for the photos.
-I love columbine.