Monday, June 14, 2010

Candidates React to Bob Poe's Withdrawal from the Alaska Gubernatorial Primary Race

Here are the first reactions of some of the candidates in the Alaska Gubernatorial race, upon the announcement by Bob Poe, that he is withdrawing:

From an email from Ethan Berkowitz:

Bob ran a positive campaign based on ideas, and I will carry many of them forward. He was a pleasure to spend time with on the campaign trail.

From a Facebook post by Diane Benson:

I consider Bob and Terzah very good friends. I am saddened to see Bob Poe withdraw from the Governor's race as I believe he, like Ethan Berkowitz and Hollis French, all have a clear understanding about what it will take to get this state working again and make sure that the people of Alaska, not the politics of Alaska, come first.

More comments from candidates as I get them.


metanoia2k said...

I like what Hollis said in would be a good day for Alaska if we woke up the day after the election and found that a Governor Poe or a Governor Berkowitz had been elected; I cannot say the same about ANY of the Republican candidates. So anyone who says there is no difference between D's and R's should consider that!

Anonymous said...

I heard Poe speak last week. On economic ideas he was very good. He had some great ideas, especially for a Democrat.

A conservative republican