Saturday, June 12, 2010

Proof of Murder Aboard the Mavi Marmara?

I was going through the footage released Thursday at the UN by, taking screen shots of important events and scenes, when I noticed a series of what sound like 9mm shots, minutes after the vessel had capitulated. The sun is about to come up.

They begin at 56:03 on the 1:02:12 long version posted at The Seminal Friday. The shots are very troubling. I cannot think of any reason for them having occurred at that time that fits the Israeli chronology, at least what little they have so far felt they had to release.

The screen shots I've gotten so far tell a powerful story far different from the ongoing narrative. I have more hope, having watched this entire video twice now, that the flotillas can learn faster on how to deal with the IDF than can the IDF learn its job.

I'll be posting the screen shots, once I've gotten them edited.

Meanwhile, look at the ten seconds following 56:03. Walk back through the 40 seconds preceding it, and you can see unmistakable signs of total capitulation and resignation.

What do you think those shots at that time meant?


Celia Harrison said...

Thank you I had not seen this video. I wonder why we have not seen it sooner. I also wonder how the heck they managed to get it past the Israelis.

Philip Munger said...

I suspect inside of somebody's body.

Anonymous said...

I am a combat veteran. Those are CLEARLY paintball guns in the beginning that are firing. Not actual firearms.

It clearly shows attempted restraint on the part of the Israelis.

Maybe if the "activists" hadn't been hitting them with metal bars and stabbing them the commandos wouldn't have resorted to their sidearms after all else failed.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 10:35. They are - at the beginning. What is your opinion of the nine rounds seemingly fired at 55:03, though. Do you disagree with my contention that the MV Marmara had surrendered by the time of these particular sounds?

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the video, so maybe I'm not entitled to an opinion.

You can tell that it sounds specifically like 9mm shots fired? As opposed to the sound that a .22 or a .308 hunting rifle makes? Or a .380 handgun? Or an 8mm handgun? Sounds totally and perceptably different than a .40 or .45 ACP, right?
I don't believe it.

What I can believe is that someone told you that. And that's okay. A wide variety of people tell me things everyday.
The question for me is: WHO told you that, and why?
If I repeat what I was told, when I don't personally know it to be true, I say so and I say where I got the information. I also usually qualify the source by credential so my audience can judge for themselves.
You don't. After reading for awhile, it's clear that you don't do your own research and post original thoughts or links. The stuff you use pretty much all comes from the same sources that are neither broad-thinking nor unbiased. In fact, there's very specific clear intentional agendas. For whatever reason, you choose not to disclose that in your writings.

~I don't care about agenda. I'm able to figure that out and decide for myself.
~I don't care about information that may be questionable. I can research and discern.
~Passionate causes don't trouble me. I appreciate passion, drive and commitment, whether or not I approve of the subject. I can critically think on my own and decide for myself the righteousness.

But what I can't stand is agenda without disclosure, salesmanship tactics without saying what the cause is, masquerading as something else. That's what propaganda is, whether the information is true or not. For me, veracity and accuracy becomes suspect and then I have to waste my time trying to figure out what the game is and which part is true and which isn't.

As a U of A alum and a progressive thinker, I support diversity of thought and opinion; I want professors to bring new ideas and provocative positions, especially to the often parochial and ignorant student body. It is necessary for genuine academic discourse and the development of critical thinkers.
If you can't openly own your associations, there's something wrong.

If the Free Gaza movement is righteous, then there's nothing to hide. If it's noble, association should be celebrated. There's nothing I do - no activities and causes espoused -that I can't be forthright and honest about. If I believe in something, I am not only open and enthusiastic about it, but I can also justify and rationalize why. Even when it doesn't meet with others' approval.

I'm disappointed. I've placed a high value on your opinions and actively sought out your stuff. I've attended your functions; I've donated money. I feel deflated and let down. Not because of the position on Palestine, but because you hide behind rhetoric and writings by spinmasters far less educated than yourself and frankly, ignorant. This has changed my previous confidence in material I read because of you.

That said, it's your blog.