Friday, June 25, 2010

Time to Redouble Efforts to Put TLC on the Spot on Supporting Palin's Program

Anchorage Attorney Tim Petumonos, who was, up until Thursday afternoon, one of the great holy men in the pantheon of people whose actions have elevated them to sainthood among the acolytes of Queen Esther of Wasilla, has now been consigned to an outer ring of Hell even Dante couldn't have imagined.

All Tim did was, given a second shot at it, lay the truth out there: Sarah Palin's legal defense fund, created to pay for Troopergate, which was an ethics complaint she filed herself, was and is illegal. She has to repay over $300,000 to the donors.

The progressive Alaska bloggers have long speculated that foremost among the reasons she walked away from her sworn job here was that, in a rare moment of sanity, she had listened to one of her attorneys and realized that the attorney's advice that the Alaska Fund Trust was illegal, might come down to be the case in the end, no matter how long it could be stalled out. And, that to raise the money to repay the donors, she would have to accept going on a lengthy book tour to promote the book, that would bring in the money to repay donors.

Looking back at how the Alaska media was portraying Palin in late June and the first two days of July 2009, and comparing that to what the progressive Alaskan bloggers were writing at that same time, all I can say is - never have we been so right, the (to borrow a term from Palin) lamestream media so wrong.

More on this later.

But, meanwhile, let's get together and contact The Learning Channel and let them know what a sleazeball they've hired to represent all of Alaska to their viewers.

image - Palin giving her 3rd grade daughter a 1st grade math flash card during the 2008 campaign


AKRNC said...

I'm happy to see you caught that flash card image. It is obviously a set-up pic since basic Math is started in first grade. By third grade, we were doing fractions. This tells us, AGAIN, that $P is as phony as they come. It's as bad as the video with her reading the book from back to front with Piper and Trig. She looked and sounded very unnatural and it's quite obvious this is not a regular habit for her by any means!

I've written to TLC several times, signed all the petitions and sent them on to friends to do the same. I also received a reply from Disney telling me that they take the words of their consumers seriously and would review the matter further in regards to sponsoring her. Disney usually responds to public threats of boycotts. Please contact them, too.

jo said...

She didn't have to earn money to give back money that wasn't spent, it cost her nothing. She most likely lied how much her legal bill was. SarahPac has been paying for attorneys who knows what that includes.

I noticed the six year old flash card too.

I called Mark Burnett's office and left him a message, and signed the petitions. They are most likely aware now what a mistake she is, but a contract bound them to it. I guess he didn't hear of the Palin curse in time to save himself, his partner Bruce Beresford-Redman already is the suspect of his murdered wife.

LisanTX said...

jo is right about SarahPAC paying for Van Flein's fees. SarahPAC has paid around $65,000 in legal fees in the past year alone. I believe more was paid before that. There is NO WAY SarahPAC has incurred that amount of fees from an Alaska attorney who does NOT practice FEC law, which is the area governing PACs. Those fees were incurred by Palin personally, not by the PAC. So the PAC is paying fees that it did not incur. The FEC should look into that.

Lynne said...

Can anyone supply appropriate e-mail addresses for TLC, Discovery, Mark Burnett or Disney to contact them and express our feelings about all of this?

womanwithsardinecan said...

Anonymous said...

Oh look, Sarah is having Piper tabulate how many viewers she'll have on TLC.

Anonymous said...

Having missed 90% of her school days, maybe Piper has not yet learned 2+8 = 10. Or - more likely, mama Palin is too stupid to teach her 2x8=16 (we won't even TRY fractions!) so keeps her kid trapped at a level she can teach???? Ya know, RETARD level.

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone assume Sarah is teaching basic 1st grade math to Piper?

Have you considered that Piper is teaching her mother 1st grade math?

Let's keep an open mind people! We are talking about the Palins.

mommom said...

The pain on PAYlins face does seem as though perhaps she is the one learning addition.

AKPetMom said...

My Father refers to people like the Palins as "salt of the Earth". Sarah Palin just happens to be a salt of the Earth type person that has achieved fame and made some money along the way.

However, her utter lack of intelligence and more so, her lack of curiosity and desire for learning will be her undoing. She and her family are blank slates that will forever remain blank slates because they do not appreciate the power of knowledge.

I'd let them fix my car but I wouldn't trust them with much more than that.

Where I grew up there were always "nouveau riche" types that were never accepted into certain circles. You could have pedigree and history and absolutely no money, but folks like the Palins could not purchase their way into certain cliques, regardless of how much money they had.

And, if you look closely into Sarah Palin's circle of backers and friends with money, they are all outsiders, but they love them some Rogue, and if most of her funding comes from uneducated trailer park dwellers, they don't care because to them money is money.