Thursday, June 3, 2010

BP Oil Hits the Florida Keys, Headed for the Gulf Stream

Coast Guard pollution investigators from Sector Key West are currently responding to reports of an oily substance and tar balls near Duck Key, Fla., Long Key, Fla., and Grassy Key, Fla. …

Coast Guard Sector Key West received multiple notifications from the National Response Center Tuesday of an oily substance and tar balls approximately four nautical miles south of Long Key, Fla.

A Coast Guard HU-25 Guardian aircraft from Coast Guard Air Station Miami conducted an aerial search and confirmed the presence of sheening in the vicinity of Duck Key, Fla., and deployed a self-locating data marker bouy (SLDMB) to determine the set and drift of the substance. Coast Guard Station Marathon launched a smallboat crew to collect samples of the substance and monitor the situation.

Analysis of the SLDMB on Wednesday morning indicated a potential for the sheen to land on Grassy Key Wednesday evening.

The Coast Guard is coordinating with the Dolphin Research Center on Grassy Key and Hawk’s Cay Resort in Duck Key to develop and deploy protective booming strategies as a protective measure to protect the dolphins at the Dolphin Research Center and those at the Florida Keys Dolphin Interaction feature at Hawk’s Key Resort.

Soon, the wildlife in the Florida Keys will look like this bird, recorded by a Boston photographer, on the Gulf Coast:


sjk from the belly of the plane said...

Thank you Phil. As a FL resident this means a lot.

I still dont agree with you on that other thread by any stretch, but kudos for this chilling view of the "leak". (It aint no spill!)

C ya.


Philip Munger said...

thanks, sjk

Anonymous said...

Very few things make me sad. This is one of them. Everyone should think about this every time they use a fossil fuel and force our society to REALLY try to develop safe clean energy. If not this is our future.

bill black said...

Have Mercy. It is time to get serious.