Monday, June 7, 2010

The Courage of Shannyn Moore - Part 5 -- Vote for Shannyn

The last episode of The Courage of Shannyn Moore at PA was back in January. In Part IV, I linked to the earlier episodes.

Time for an update, recap and appeal:

Shannyn's radio and TV shows keep getting better. The KYES television show, Moore Up North, in particular, continues to be the most adventurous and meaningful public affairs series on Alaska TV. Moore's desire to bring in Alaskans and visitors from outside our state to air opinions, suggestions and views outside of what the mainstream TV stations or the hapless public affairs offering at PBS, KAKM's Anchorage Edition, is paying off. It isn't the desire that is paying off so much as the hard work, integrity and curiosity of the program that is making it work.

Moore, her director and producer all combine to give these weekly offerings something not only new to Alaska in their depth, they are always well researched. Some of the episodes have had heart rending segments, as when she has reunited police and victims, or brought an unjustly convicted (and freed!) man to the screen to argue against the capital punishment he had faced for a crime somebody else had committed.

Her daily radio show, broadcast in Anchorage and Juneau, is more provocative than the TV series. Moore has many national and international figures on for long discussions. Last week, she featured Dahr Jamail, in a segment on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that was far more honest than anything else presented to Alaskans on the rapidly developing change-of-game going on in the eastern Mediterranean.

Moore has won a few awards for her journalism. Last year, at Netroots Nation, she was surprised to have won the recent, but prestigious Gilliard Award. This year, she hopes to return to Netroots Nation, to spread the word on how Alaskans can share knowledge about oil spills, environmental pragmatism and corruption in politics. Other things too.

Please vote for Shannyn in the Netroots Nation scholarship contest. It ends soon. Currently, she is in 2nd place, not far behind.

But I'd like to see her win.

You can vote here.

Go, Shannyn!


ATTILA said...

Awesome. I like your style.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing about the most important voice in Alaska politics. I enjoy Shannyn's radio show and I don't even live in AK anymore...AND...I just voted for her!

Anonymous said...

Who has time to watch TV ?

You really should do another piece on Lansman and why he killed off KWMD, the real, non-commercial, non-government funded grassroots progressive radio station for Southcentral Alaska.

Anonymous said...

what a hot lookng Babe

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:41
Jeremy Lansman is a hero. He DID NOT kill off should educate yourself...