Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend Odds & Ends - and a Happy Birthday, Alex!

Happy Birthday, Alex! Our son, Alex, turned 21 on Monday. Here he is a week ago, with his sister, Julia, and his new truck.

Rose Tree of China, in our front yard:
Planting corn transplants:
Judy, on our floating dock last Saturday, preparing to monitor water quality on Neklason Lake:
Water quality monitoring tool bags:
A lone loon in the distance:
Towing the dock back to shore, after the electric motor gave out. Strider is very intrigued:


Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,

You should publish the results of the monitoring. I have been doing some baseline monitoring in Rabbit Slough as well.

Is there a website somewhere that volunteers can show results?

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 11:39:

I'm not sure whether or not the MSB puts the monitoring info on-line. I'll find out.

Anonymous said...

Lets get ready to rumble