Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Andree McLeod Files Appeal to the Alaska Supreme Court

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, May 12, 2010

Anchorage, Alaska: This morning, political activist Andrée McLeod filed an appeal with the Alaska Supreme Court that requests the Court to review a decision in which Alaska Superior Court Judge Patrick McKay held that emails involving state business that ex-governor Sarah Palin sent or received on her private Yahoo.com email accounts are not public records that are subject to public inspection pursuant to the Alaska Public Records Act.

When she filed her appeal, McLeod commented, “Judge McKay misconstrued the Legislature’s intent to safeguard the right of every Alaskan to know how Executive Branch employees are conducting the public’s business.”

Throughout her 2 ½ year stint, ex-governor Palin and her staff routinely used their Yahoo and other private email accounts to conduct official state business. On October 1, 2008, McLeod went to court to stop the practice.

Three judges later, on January 22, 2010, Superior Court Judge Patrick McKay ruled that the Alaska Legislature intended the Alaska Public Records Act to grant the Office of the Governor unfettered discretion to decide whether any document, including an email sent or received by a state employee on a private email account, is a public record.

McLeod said, “Common sense dictates that state employees should not be allowed to decide for themselves whether a document should or should not be designated as a public record. And common sense dictates that Palin and her staff should not have so recklessly used private email accounts to conduct state business.”

She continued, “I initially filed this action because Sarah Palin miserably failed to carry out the people’s business – our business -- securely or professionally,” McLeod said. “I look forward to the Alaska Supreme Court correcting Judge McKay’s error by confirming that the Legislature intended the Public Records Act to prohibit the use of private email accounts.”

The Alaska Supreme Court is expected to decide Andrée McLeod’s appeal in 2011.


Anonymous said...

This little Alaskan mouse roars! Go Andree, may the spittle from Palin supporters simply bead and roll off your fur.

jim said...

Palin doesn't own our State's records. These belong to all Alaskans.

If Palin wishes to control public records, perhaps she should immigrate somewhere like Saudi Arabia.

EmilyPeacock said...

Excellent Andree! A woman after my own heart.

Drew said...

aka... Rocky in Texas said...

You might want to edit this article to reflect todays date instead of the "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, May 12, 2010"

Anonymous said...

(1:12) (Freeper):

Do you also call yourself 21stCentury?

Anonymous said...

What is so intolerable about this whole situation is that Palin campaigned for governor on being the OPEN AND TRANSPARENT leader!
Thanks to Andree for having the courage to keep pursuing this, and Phil for having the integrity to write about it.

m106 said...

She simply told us what we wanted and needed to hear at the time and she got elected. Hell, I voted for her. Silly me, I believed her. She's continuing these tactics to this very day- she's now just making a TON more money doing it.

I'm just waiting, impatiently, for karma to do its job and bring this beeotch down.

Anonymous said...

Still crying over this, eh ?

Poor Andree and the so-called "progressive" bloggers, such sad lives they must lead, still pounding away on Sarah as if she's still important.

Great entertainment though, incredible that a group of people can be so obsessed over one person.

baja said...

Off topic I know, but I didn't see another way to contact you through this blog.

Last night I got to see Chuck Heath as the featured guest speaker at the Colony High School graduation ceremony. After going on and on about himself, he talked about teaching his daughter how to field dress a donky... bring his God back into public schools and Shawn Hannity. Arrogance knows no boundaries. I can see where Sarah gets her social graces and limited speaking ability.

My wife and I were so irritated we
had to leave the building for a bit.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 3:05 reminds me of the fortune tellers who canceled their meeting because of unforeseen circumstances...


Anonymous said...

Good for Andree. It's never too late to hold elected officials accountable for their misbehavior. And let's make sure future elected officials are held accountable, also.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andree and Phil.

Until this is settled it leaves the door WIDE open for still more abuse.

I can't be believe, even after all the federal investigations into AK politics that we as Alaskans are not more concerned with how our state government is handled!!

Keep the suit going as far as needed to put some breaks on abuse!!

Anonymous said...

What a whining nitwit.

Andree needs to get a life, maybe pick up trash on the highway.

Anonymous said...

The initial ruling was clearly in the chimpy/cheeeeney management wordbook "Corruption for Dummies".. The Swag-Hag memorized a few of the scams and used them in her role a governator.. har.. har... har... gotcha now, hey matte !??

Anonymous said...

Who cares ? I mean seriously, who really gives a hairy rats ass about little Andree McLeod and her silly little ethics complaints ?

The answer is nobody, save for a handful of obsessive-compulsive bloggers with Sarah Palin Tourette's Syndrome.

Why don't you tell us what's going on with the DOJ's prosecution team from the Ted Stevens trial, or the latest with Frasier Verrusio and Mark Zachares ?? Why Phil ?

Why do you ignore the former staffers of our still sitting Congressman but you write about Andree fuckin' McLeod ?

What is wrong with you ?

Progressive my ass.

Hand me my barf bag, please said...

I think anyone BUT Andre should be filing this.

You know, in Palin's autobiographical movie, she is going to be portrayed a hero with her husband and nice looking men behind her, wlaking out triumphantly to a crowd while the people who tired to put a stop to her will look like purveyors of evil. I want to vomit knowing what is coming.