Saturday, May 29, 2010

Livestream from the Gaza Flotilla

Early tomorrow morning, five or six of the eight ships and boats in the Gaza flotilla will make their run for the coast of Gaza, from waters nearby Cyprus. The MV Rachel Corrie is lagging behind, possibly a victim of sabotage, something the Israeli government owned up to possibly pulling off over a week ago.

The run to the coast will probably begin about 10:00 p.m. Alaska time tonight. The Israelis have announced they intend to conduct electronic warfare on the flotilla, shutting down all outgoing communication from the vessels until they have boarded the vessels, forcibly ended resistance and movement of the vessels, and confiscated all electronic transmitting or recording equipment, including all personal and vessel computers.

Until that breach of international law occurs, here is the live feed from the flotilla. You will be able to see action aboard until the Israelis begin their electronic warfare attack. There are several American citizens aboard:
Watch live streaming video from insaniyardim at


Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting up this live feed. There are thousands of us who are with you in spirit. I doubt that I am alone in wanting to at least bear witness with my own eyes to the confrontation ahead so that I can address the inevitable zionist spin storm accurately. I doubt that Israeli electronic warfare will be completely successful. If it is they won't be able to communicate either.

Our hearts are with you!
Peace, Salaam, Shalom,

SQ Debris

AKPetMom said...

I realize that I get totally beat up when I post comments on this issue, but dammit, why does America continue to spend our hard earned tax dollars supporting a government that is even more aggressive than our own?

Israel should be cut loose financially and diplomatically and left to it's own end.

It's all tied to the weird christian end times prophecy that we need to support Israel and make certain that peace is achieved in that region. Peace will never be achieved in the region with our without America.

Let them go, the government doesn't want or need our support so let them make their own way.

Let it be, let it happen, but let us be no further involved.

Makabit Bat Guriel said...

while we are at it let's cut loose a few of your Muslim buddies and their countries. I mean isn't all the Muslim religious ranting and raving just as much bull shit as you consider Christians or Jews or are you another frightened Muslim butt kisser?

Anonymous said...

Israel will allow the cargo through to Gaza

Israel has prepared a makeshift detention center in its southern port of Ashdod, and officials have said the activists sailing on the ships face deportation or arrest.

Israel says that after a security check, it will transfer the cargo to Gaza through the United Nations.