Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saradise Lost - Book 4 - Chapter 66 - Why Are Palin's Speeches So Awful?

Sarah Palin spoke at a rally Sunday in Albuquerque, on behalf of gubernatorial candidate Susana Martinez. Martinez, who recently "refused to be seen with the You Betcha, Drill, Baby, Drill cheerleader at a book signing in Roswell," is getting desperate. She is behind in the GOP primary. She's accepting Palin's endorsement the day after the Crazy Woman worked crowds in Tucson for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, whose actions have disgusted so many.

The reason for this post though - it has been weeks since I've done a chapter to the Saradise Lost series - is that Palin's 9:00 a.m. speech is so utterly awful. Every line is kerosene-soaked with her snobbish redneck elitism. I'm putting up the whole speech before her handlers realize how sleazy the speech is and have youtube remove it as they have other similar speeches in the past:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Why are the speeches so awful?


mocha said...

The woman is an idiot. I love how Tawd has to stand behind her like some kind of bodyguard. Sounds like one of her veneers is loose too. She sounds like Thylvethter the cat. The woman is an idiot.

Very big eye roll said...

er speeches are awful because she is still doing well and getting paid for them. When she starts to loose money, it will behoove her bottom line to hire a speech writer.

Geez, do I have to explain EVERYTHING to you, Phil?

alaskapi said...

Cuz she just strings talking points together...
I'm wondering what people who are there hear...
Or think they hear...
blah,blah,blah progress, blah,blah,blah free enterprise,
blah,blah,blah government outta the way...
She perfected this gobbeldegook during the run for gov here.
I'm still wondering what Alaskans who voted for her were hearing.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of the groups who have had her speak will ask her back??

Anonymous said...


Just read the adn's article about Wally's funeral yesterday. Here's Sarah's quote: "Our state has lost a great leader. What he has left behind will have changed all of our lives, and he spoke so often about energy and security, and energy and prosperity and the nation, and we must not forget that."

"...will have changed all our lives..." No, Sarah. What you meant to say was, "What he has left behind HAS changed..."

What is it with her not being able to correctly use present / past tense???? It drives me batty.

And we can now know that her teeny, tiny "inner circle" of extremely well paid "advisors" have given her the three talking points (well, just words, really) for her 2012 run for 1600 Penn: Energy, Security and Prosperity.

Oh, make that four, and "and"

---now that I type that last sentence it strikes me that perhaps the reason she so ridiculously and constantly overuses the word "and" to the point of complete distraction and insanity on the part of her listeners is that it kind of makes her sound like she's got a storehouse of information she's just waiting to share. And, and, and, -- like, "there's always more where that came from."

Someone. Please. Stop. Her.

darkblack said...

'Why are the speeches so awful?'

It's not necessary to be cogent and coherent when speaking to disordered thinkers - Merely blowing the correct dogwhistle at the inner limit of their attention spans and/or providing some sort of gonad-level distraction for the time needed to collect the speaking fee will suffice.


nancydrew said...

Maybe you've already seen this--several weeks ago John McWhorter took a stab at answering your question in his New Republic column. I don't have the stomach to sit through the above YouTubes, but I'm guessing his remarks here are pertinent.

Makabit Bat Guriel said...

I never listen to her speak so I can't comment personally but I'd say if they are bad it's so you (Gustav) will have something to bitch about.