Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Catching Up in Mid-May

I've been resting up, gardening and plotting out my next music projects over the past few days. Also, helping some of my friends who are involved in one aspect or another of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Here are some pictures, though, taken over the past six days:

My mom, meeting Ruth Sheridan, before my talk last Thursday at the Anchorage Bartlett Democratic Club:

Walter Oliveres, warming up at Thursday's Anchorage Civic Orchestra dress rehearsal:

Alaska's leading independent commentator, Shannyn Moore, with Alaska's leading classical pianist, Juliana Osinchuk, after last Friday's Anchorage Civic Orchestra concert. Juliana judged Shannyn's playing in some piano competitions when Shannyn was in high school:

Strider, a Cessna 180, the canoe, and a can of Pabst, given to me by some UAA music students after Friday's concert:

Alder Catkins over Neklason Lake:

First new flower of Judy's rock garden:

The greenhouse Tuesday at noon:

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Anonymous said...

Juliana Osinchuk judged my daughter's piano playing, too. She was wonderful.