Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our Garden on September 11th, 2011

 Sunday, September 11th, was sunny, glorious - just like September 11th.  Rather than go to Hatcher Pass as I did last year, I played bugle at a ceremony at the  Mat-Su Wall of Honor, and gardened.  Here are some garden images.

Above, Snow peas and Sugar Ann peas, still ripening nicely.

Overgrown broccoli flowers:

Very ripe Suyo cucumbers, in the greenhouse:

Bloomed out fireweed, going to seed - like we need more:

A reddened fireweed, with Neklason Lake in the background:

A ripening Black from Tula tomato:

A group of all four tomato types we are growing:  Black from Tula, Green Zebra, Stupice and Black Cherry tomatoes, with more Stupice growing behind them:

Mature Spearmint plants.  Judy made a leg of lamb recipe Sunday that included a lot of mint leaves.  Yum!

My favorite flower box that Judy put together this summer:

A cornucopia:  Red cabbage, four kinds of tomatoes, red potatoes and dried tomatoes (some are in olive oil in the Kerr jar):

A lone purple poppy:


Anonymous said...

Am SO enjoying your pictures of progress.
I could not wait for my potatoes to finish up so dug a couple of hills yesterday...oh new potatoes were so GOOD last night for dinner.
Also got enough on the tomatoes to do some fresh salsa...might have been a cool summer here on the AK Peninsula but the fresh stuff has been great!
Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy you sharing your life and especially the pictures. I wish I had a garden like yours!

Anonymous said...

Phil, you need to try Lemon Boy (yellow, the size of tomatoes on the vine in stores) tomatoes, they are less acidic and oh so good.