Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saradise Lost & Found - Chapter 19: Shaking My Head -- Updated

Sarah Heath running in Saturday's SLRC half marathon
This is the first Sarah Palin post here since July 11th.  77 posts ago.

Part of the reason I stopped writing about Palin was that I got sick of writing anything about her.  Part of the reason is that she is not going to be the GOP 2012 nominee for president, no matter what.  And another part of the reason is that I got tired of dealing with the edge of strangeness people who dislike her no matter what bring with them.

Case in point:  Apparently, Saturday, Palin entered a running event in Storm Lake Iowa, called the Jump Right In Storm Lake Running Club Half-Marathon.  She registered under her maiden name, probably because she just wanted to run without being bothered by the inevitable media attention her name being on the roster or club web site might have brought.

Leave it to The Immoral Minority to go right up to that edge of strangeness on this:

Is the picture of Sarah Palin running in Iowa the worst photoshop job EVER?  was the initial headline, and Gryph dove right in:
This is such an amateurish job that I CANNOT believe that Van Susteren thought anybody would take it seriously.

So we all make noise about Palin looking sickly and possibly drugged yesterday and the day before, and then THIS picture suddenly shows up?

Didn't I have this effect on her once before when she was in Hawaii? Why yes I did!

Can somebody please ask Joe McGinniss is he is SURE that Sarah Palin does not read the blogs? Cause it kind of looks like she does!

I'm just saying.

 When another picture emerged indicating Palin had run in the race, Jesse updated his post, linking to it, but by that time some of the bizarro-world commenters he is so sadly saddled with were off and running, setting records at this distance in inanity, and jumping over major hurdles, vaulting to lofty conclusions:
My spouse is a photoshop expert. That is strictly bush league. Fooled the fools, though. Saps. 


Looks like she is flying in after cutting through a bunch of people's yards after getting out of the car that sped her over to the finish line. Well the pee'ers believe she walks on water so why not expect them to believe she floats over grass? 


Notice how she gained 20lb and is running incognito so no one will recognize her. Bwahahahaha! Like that would ever happen to the attention whore that she is. 
 Cue the Twilight Zone theme for this one:
Its so funny, Gryphen, how one troll comment jumped out at me yesterday - referring to Scarah as a
"marathon runner."

That was just before this pic came out...coincidentally. 
This commenter sees layers and layer of Byzantine deception in the picture's implications:
Old Mavericky Palin can't even run on the roadway like everyone else. According to that "picture" her next step would put her flat on her face - unless she is able to run in culverts. Bad Photoshop indeed. I have been trying to figure out exactly what happened this weekend in Iowa. Even anon238's remarks create more questions than they answer. If Palin is so messed up, why not make some excuse and stay home. (I think she tried that with the COD diva meltdown - until it backfired/) Still, if her "handlers" are so concerned about her mental state, why not just put her on ice for a while and keep up the FB and Twitter assaults? Did Sarah need to show up in order to "refutiate" Cheney's prediction, or was it payback to a large donor to her Sarah PAC? Whatever. One thing is certain: her supporters in attendance at the restaurant meet and greet must have been bitterly disappointed when Sarah didn't at least get up and say a few words. So out of character for her. Can we hope that the nightmare is soon to be over? (Puleeze?)  
More disbelievers:
Ok, so Sarah Heath from Des Moine finished second in the 40-49. Why in the world would Sarah Palin run in a 1/2 marathon in a small town in Iowa and not say boo to anyone? No news outlet has picked this up yet. Who crossed the finish line as Sarah Heath? 


If she faked running a half marathon what else could she fake? Talk about opening the door to questions about some of her other "claims". 


Of course this photo is faked ... I won't use photoshop since I am not an expert ... but I have run in races; she is off the road, then you have a pack of runners, who kind of look fake themselves and walkers (older people, etc.) behind them almost like the photo came in three parts and was pieced together. It is the weirdest thing I have ever seen! And those of us who have been on the blogs for 3 years know that she reads them and responds : e.g., Trig without his glasses, then he (or one of the Trigs anyway) appears in glasses ONE TIME! Heck, she has even used terminology and phrases in her speeches that originated on the blogs. Plus, Gryphen, if not for your blog and what you write about why would you be her #1 Public Personal Enemy? You lucky duck! lol 


All the people on the left side of the picture are walkers who are wearing long sleeve shirts provided at the sign up - they are way overdressed to be runners. The runners on the right side of the picture do not look like back of the pack runners. Sarah is way overdressed for a runner. Maybe she is hiding all the needle marks on her arms. 

 Coming to the next comment, I wasn't quite sure what it meant, as in the upper part of the thread commenters were trashing author Joe McGinniss for recently downplaying the importance of bloggers in the mix of Palin's dealings with social media and the web.  I checked McGinniss' blog, and he has put up a post congratulating Palin on what does appear to be a commendable time in the run.  Here's the IM comment:
She is photoshopped in and stupid Joe McGinnis has fallen for it too.

How lame brain is that now?
 and more:
I doubt that this race requires a drug tests... They must have searched really hard to find an event they could drug her up enough to particpate and be photographed to spread the news. They try so hard to stay one step ahead of the bloggers...  


OMG, it's just amazing. Those meds Sarah took on Friday night have caused her height to increase, she can now float -- and she doesn't cast a shadow!

Truly godlike! I want some of that!

OTOH, when examined in Photoshop, it's just another Palin fake. Too many artifacts surrounding the image among other things. A reasonably good cut and paste job, but not expertly done. So sad. 

And on and on the comments go.....
Sometimes I feel sorry for Jesse Griffin, in that his commenting community contains so many hostile, nihilistic personalities.  Not today, though.  He brought it on himself. 

Hopefully it will be at least another 77 posts before I have to write about Palin again here.

Update:  Ann Strongheart  had some fun with the photo so many are taking too seriously - horns, tail and coffee mug:


Anonymous said...

Why are you wasting time on what some other blogger says? Last time I check people had the right to read what they wanted to. So don't waste your time writing about Palin and leave the other bloggers to their own opinions. I read IM and sometimes I think he goes alittle to far but it is his blog. Don't read it.

Anonymous said...

This is such a non-dysfunctional commenting community.

Anonymous said...

Do you realize how elderly you look when you write attacks like this Phil?

Anonymous said...

Bloggers eating their own..just the snark we all need.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Phil. Seeing IM edge up to the cliff with the excitement over an anonymous "insider" with a flair for soap opera dramatics has been sad enough. The race post provded the final shove. Now any commenters who do their research and don't join in the feeding frenzy are trashed as bots or secret members of the Palin household. Very sad. I hope Gryph can pull his blog out of the dump, clean it up, and discourage the posters who only want a place to rant about their hatred and their conspiracy theories.

GinaM said...

This is ALL so sad :(

emrysa said...

you know phil, I really respect your efforts at growing food - in my mind, it is one of the most important things a human can learn and do on this planet.

that said, I really think this post is bullshit. a true progressive should be concerned with the fact that there is another fraud being perpetrated here. yes, the quitter was obviously at the "run" but that photo of her running is clearly photoshopped, which should lead to the question of "why"? if she really ran her portion of the race, then there is no need for photoshopping. yes I know I am some kind of anonymous but I will add here that I have used photoshop for the past 10 years in my profession - I know a photoshopped picture when I see it. I pay close attention to these things.

yes gryphen's blog can get out of hand but jeezus it's titled "the immoral minority" - what is the point in posting some of the nuttier comments from a blog that is entitled "the immoral minority?" I think about some of my friends, and if I thought that their blog was out of hand I would call them and chastise them - but I would never put up a post for the whole world to see that demonstrated "my friend's blog is full of nuts" - I mean really, what is the point in that?

sincerely I wish you the best at growing your food. but your post here is petty and unexplainable. the quitter is perpetuating another fraud, and that is the real issue.

Anonymous said...

This is sad. As someone who has been on most of these blogs for three very long years, I don't like it. But I do have to speak up about this post, as a comment I made on IM was lifted in its entirety and posted here to be ridiculed as though I am only spiteful and as though I know nothing about photos, or races, or whatever. Please do not do that again.

Secondly, on another blog, I have seen the other pictures posted of Sarah Heath at the finish line and posing with a fan. Where is the red shirt (especially at the finish line). She had it on in the grass. Was there someone to conveniently hand it off to? Did she throw it to the side? If I start a race with a shirt over a shirt or a jacket on in cooler weather and I get too hot, item removed is usually tied very quickly around my waist in order to not break stride. Second, at the finish line, she checks her own time? Fine, if she has just finished, where are the other runners who would have finished right before her, or better yet, coming up right behind her? Also in most organized races I have run, you don't check your own time. Oh you might just for personal reasons if you wear a clockwatch, but usually there is a race clock at the finish line and your time is recorded with your number. Just wondering.

Celia Harrison said...

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions even if you or anyone else disagrees with it. The photo does look a bit dicey, but since I am not a photography forensics expert I don't know. Gryphen seems to be able to draw people with expertise to his posts. Sometimes he gets them to comment. I for one love a good conspiracy theory that is why I am spending some time reading Hear No Evil by Donald Byron Thomas this W.E. If you don't like Grypen's blog why do you read it? There are lots of blogs to read. If you don’t like what a commenter says disregard it. After having the state wrongfully imprison me in an attempt to shut me up I would never attack someone who wanted to post information anonymously even if I had suspicions about the origins because I know what kind of risk they are taking. If bloggers had the same take on everything it would be a very boring world.

Anonymous said...

If you keep attacking and referring to IM and Gryphen in your posts, even the non-palin related ones, then what's the purpose of having a link to his blog on your site?

Bash him if you want, it's your blog, but don't bash him and link to his site and infer he's a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

I've learned a lot about Palin and Alaska from your posts but your vegetable garden entries remain my favorite posts. You inspired us to start a garden last year. Thank you for sharing your passion.

Anonymous said...

Jealous much?
Maybe she was at the race.Maybe she used a stand in.I don't know.I am pretty sure it was a photo shop though.The question is why?

Philip Munger said...

If you keep attacking and referring to IM and Gryphen in your posts, even the non-palin related ones, then what's the purpose of having a link to his blog on your site?

Bash him if you want, it's your blog, but don't bash him and link to his site and infer he's a hypocrite.

I'm not bashing Gryph. I'm reaching out to him.

Jesse has one of the most remarkable blogs in Alaska history, and some of his posts rank among the best in the country. I've learned from him.

Mona said...

I love I.M. blog! He's the best. :D

Anonymous said...

Was it you that ran that poll, Phil: "Jesse Griffin: saint or slut?"

Perish that thought that you'd ever tart for hostile nihilistic reaction.

ja.thought said...

Joe McGinnis posted two photo's of Sarah in his update of

Funny, Sarah has blue or black shoes with some red stripes in the first photo showing her running and she has red shoes with some white stripes in the picture of her at the finish line.

I am annoyed more at the media than I am of Sarah. I expect Sarah to lie. I would prefer that others not propagate her lies.

Lidia17 said...

I'm reserving judgment about the photo, but there is definitely something fishy about this stunt overall.

It reminded a few people of similarly odd marathon claims made by Katie Holems, super-Scientologist. And now we have Greta (super-Scientologist) pimping this extraordinary Palin run (where her armpits didn't sweat).

Ltl1 at Politicalgates found this link:

I also find it curious that she was photographed both starting the race and "crossing the finish line" (with nobody else around her). How could that be if she was running with a partner doing half of it?

Given that she bolted for the exit of the Machine Shed event as quick as she could, how come she waited around at the finish line for Mr. Wife-5K-walker's wife to finish? This is an Organizer4Palin, not just any old eye-witness.

Other garden-variety objections are that this was patently not the "spontaneous" "incognito" run they are claiming, for the precise reason that Greta and everyone else is reporting on it. It was tailor-made for Greta's "Running?/Running!" pun.

I hope some of these questions will be resolved. Maybe they won't be, but it's not dumb to be highly skeptical of anything Palin-related.

I do agree people go overboard, crying "Photoshop" at every turn. I've been trying to combat that instinct with limited success. Gryphen should not have stated categorically that the picture was altered.

Lidia17 said...

@ja.thought: The shoes are the same; you just see more of the stripes in the second photo because of the angle. Please let's be critical AND more observant.

Just "knowing" Sarah and her history of fabrication about virtually every aspect of her life, I'm tending to think that (like the Gusty belly photos) the photos were real, but that there's something else that's been manipulated regarding her participation.

If she actually ran this race in the time reported, it would be the only accomplishment I know of that she hadn't lied about it. Which—in addition to her supposed time—would be quite an extraordinary thing in and of itself.

I guess what I am trying to say is: be skeptical, but let's not get faked out like Dan Rather, either.

Floridadem said...

"I'm not bashing Gryph. I'm reaching out to him."

Reaching out to do what? to plead with him to stop blogging, or shut down his comment section like McGinnis? What is your problem, exactly?

And btw of all the wild west posts I've seen at IM, you pick THIS minor marathon thing to get upset about? Hmm....

You know, I don't know if the Joe McGinnis disease has spread to you or not, but I suggest you pull up your big boy pants and quit trying to control other bloggers, or anonymous posters. It makes you look ridiculous.

Gryph at IM throws out everything, he doesn't wait for analysis on every tiny subject. He gets the circulation moving in the Palin community, and that's why some surprise info sometimes shows up in his blog. It's freewheeling. Different blogs have different styles, period. I see some readers complimented you on some sort of garden you own. When folks want to read about gardens, they can come to you. See? Everybody's happy.

Anonymous said...

Did you even look at the photograph? Why is there a giant gap under her right knee where they repositioned it and cut something out of the photo?

Anonymous said...

Who wrote this? Joe McGinnis?? I do not understand WHY this was even written at all. Why would you sometimes feel sorry for Jesse's comments? HE is the one who selects which ones to be posted.

I think everyone is bored and just having some fun. Palin is toast and everybody knows it whether she runs or not so what difference does it really make that has you so concerned about another blogger's blog? It just looks like more bickering to me among anti-Palin blogs. So you bloggers stop it already at each others throats!!

This article just gave Palin and her bots one more reason to pop open a bottle of champagne and declare that the head of the snake is gone and now the scales are falling off, it's tail will fall off, etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Philip, I begin to see your point. Many of these people are the flip side of the Birthers going after Obama; they likely really don't believe a lot of what they say, but it's a tribal marker, a way of showing membership in a club.

Sarah Palin is a grifter whose career as a grifter is coming to a close. Even the Republicans don't care about her any more -- a recent poll showed 52% of them don't want her in the White House:

The only thing that's keeping her grifting career alive right now is her being able to play Little Miss Red Victim Hood for her Tea Party marks. Silly arguments over whether or not she ran a race feed into her victimhood trope (and also can be used by cherry-picking conservatives to paint all lefties as weirdoes). She's an energy creature, and as such the old Usenet rule applies here: Do Not Feed The Energy Creatures.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way: Nobody else in that picture is casting a shadow. Eeeek, they're all vampires!

Anonymous said...

You are correct Phil. It's a mob mentality now. Vitriol is in no short supply - against anyone who has a differing opinion and real nasty stuff agaist McGinniss, mostly lies. I wish Gryph could turn it back too - the commenters used to contribute more than gossipy-type speculation and conspiracy.