Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Hate Continues at Right-Wing Palin Shrines - Updated

The ABC News story on attorneys working for Sarah Palin, writing a threatening letter to author Joe McGinniss, based on a January 2011 email (handed over to Andrew Breitbart), from McGinniss to Anchorage blogger Jesse Griffin, prompted several blog posts, mostly at right-wing sites that follow both Palin and Breitbart's every move.  The Euro-American Palincentric site, Politicalgates, certainly not a Palin shrine, was the first blog to pick up on McGinniss' most recent comprehensive statement in this regard.  That blog posted McGinniss' response to a query made at the book salon I hosted Sunday afternoon at the progressive site, firedoglake.  Here's what McGinniss wrote then:
Bottom line: not only my editor, but Random House attorneys verified every source, in some cases speaking directly to the sources themselves. I have dozens of hours of recorded conversations. Random House attorneys listened to them all, then made an independent judgment about the trustworthiness of the sources. No material from an unverified source is included in the book. Many details were omitted for that reason. Obviously, any writer would like to be able to name every source. In this case, the climate of fear the Palins created in and around Wasilla made that impossible. After seeing how Sarah reacted to my moving next door, many people became afraid for their own safety and said they’d talk to me only if I guaranteed confidentiality. When I felt I had to, I did. Anonymous sources have a long and honorable tradition in U.S. journalism. Look at Woodward and Bernstein and “Deep Throat.” Just last week, the NY Times had a story about the Mets third baseman and quoted an anonymous source. In twelve books written over 42 years, I’ve never been through a legal vetting like this one. It lasted for months.
Monday evening, I decided to post McGinniss' authoritative statement at the comments sections of as many of these right-wing blogs as I could, based on memeorandum's linkage to new articles.  I prefaced the McGinniss quote with, "At a book salon I hosted at the blog firedoglake on Sunday, McGinniss wrote this:"

Here are a couple of the results:

1).  The blog Conservatives4Palin removed the comment, replacing it with this:
Interesting that the SeaofPee felt threatened by having a commenter print McGinniss' most recent statement in this matter, rather than keep the false meme going that Joe's January letter was some sort of authoritative statement on how fact  checking was handled at Crown, regarding The Rogue. What does that say about that site's ability to handle real news, that not only was the comment removed, but that people who had read what McGinniss had actually said on Sunday were lauding the person who hid the truth from other commeters there?

2).  The guy more openly in love with Todd Palin than any other web writer, Robert Stacy McCain, posted a story based on the legal threat.  At least his blog didn't erase me, like they do at the SeaofPee, and at The Mudflats.  

Here's one of the responses to my comment at McCain's site:
Delightful people, eh?  I'm surprised PaganTemple didn't get more likes.  Probably needed to have more threats of Robert Stacy McCain buggering me while tied up, to get his, uh, clientele aroused.

Update - 9:00 a.m:  Apparently, R. S. McCain's site has followed the lead of the SeaofPee, taking down my comments, and responses to the two of them. Here's the other comment I made:
Here's what McCain wrote, explaining the removal of the three comments (counting the pasting of the Sunday McGinniss statement from firedoglake) I took screenshots of, and posted above:
UPDATE IV: We have apparently attracted attention of some Palin Derangement Syndrome sufferers, including the vile Phil Munger, whose comments were deleted. You hideous monsters have plenty of bandwidth at Mudflats, etc., where you can spread your insane filth without being permitted to hijack my bandwidth. Wombat will be advised to wield the troll-hammer at his discretion.
 My stuff certainly was vile, wasn't it?   "Hijack my bandwidth"?  What can one say?


Anonymous said...

First of all, Robert Stacy McCain needs a dentist. What a dirty funky mouth he has. I believe he has fantasies about you and they involve his pee pee. Creepy wierdo. Keep at it. These people are slime. And,, the photo and the "when fascism comes to America it will be wrapped a an American flag and wearing a crucifix" is so Palin.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 8:01,

The photo of Palin wrapped in the flag is real. The cross is photoshopped in, but it rings true, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Phil, it appears McCain has deleted your comments. I just went over there.

You can report the editing and hijack of your comment over at The Urinal (C4P) to Disqus; perhaps Disqus will get them for a TOS issue.

I'd do it.

Talk about vile...


Philip Munger said...

"Phil, it appears McCain has deleted your comments. I just went over there."

--- they are afraid of the truth.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there seem to be a few comments regarding Rice, who they think should make a "public comment" of some sort. As though he hasn't already.

Their lily-white Queen did the unthinkable in their racist world. It will never be forgiven--ever.

Yes, they're very afraid.


Anonymous said...

It is the actual pursuit of a suit that is the critical consideration. If you threaten a suit, you might make headlines, and people immediately question the truth of the assertions in McGinniss’ book, without proving that they are in fact not true. By Palin having her attorney make this threat, it is not even Sarah or Todd Palin going on record to say that anything in McGinniss’ book is untrue. If a lawsuit was actually being contemplated, an astute attorney would never THREATEN suit. Instead he would gather as much evidence as possible, and then simply FILE suit. Especially in the case of a slander or libel suit, where proving the truth of the matter in question is the critical consideration, gathering evidence first would be critical.
In the case at hand consider the type of evidence that would be relevant if Sarah Palin should actually file a suit alleging that the information reported was untrue. The attorneys for Joe McGinniss would be entitled to take the following depositions (where the witness would be sworn to tell the truth, under penalty of perjury):
1. Glen Rice: He would be required to answer detailed questions about the sexual experience he had with Sarah Palin. While most of us would NOT want to know the details, certainly Sarah Palin would not want disclosure by Glen of how he rated this experience and just how accomplished Palin was in the sack.
2. All people in the Wasilla community that might have ever seen Sarah and/or Todd snorting cocaine.



Kat said...


Andrew Sullivan has a post about why Sarah will never sue & why.

Joe would be able to issue subpenas to CBJ, nurses at the hospital, and ask for & get a DNA test for Trig. I probably missed something & am not quoting him directly but he is so right about that & all the other allegations in Joe's book which they have documentation about. And yet the MSM continue on with their refusal to address any of this. Sickening!

I've been going around to RW & other sites posting your FDL info also with pretty much the same results. But still finding fertile grounds sometimes. Thanks Phil!

Anonymous said...

Just ignore it all. Joe was a lowlife for publishing most of the stuff he published. Palin haters are lowlives for thriving off hatred for another human being, Palin supporters are lowlives for their deceptions.

No one's racist, that's an easy shot and one you all be ashamed of if you take it.

No one comes out clean from this ridiculous mess and the drama is keeping us as Americans from getting the current President out of office.

Grow up, open your ears and eyes to what is going on in DC, understand that Palin has no real bearing in this country, and again, GET A LIFE.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the Quitter threaten to sue the other book writers?

This will give $arah a reason to plead for more money for her PAC to 'fight these lies and rumors.'

Let the legal circus begin!

Anonymous said...

As a result of this legal dustup resulting from the possibly deliberate leaking of a private email from McGinniss to IM, The Rogue is now #85 on the Amazon Best Seller list - up from #101 yesterday.

Does Palin really want to sit for Discovery? Really?

Or is she after vengeance against the people who did speak with Mr. McGinniss for the book?

This will go nowhere. And the result will be increased book sales for The Rogue.

Anonymous said...

Run your usual poll, Phil:

"Right wing Palin Shrines: sluts or saints."

Should be good enough to incite the hate you managed last time.

Anonymous said...

There's an old saying from the days of Martin Luther King Jr that goes something like "son, if they're shootin' at ya - you must be doin' something right."

I can not wrap my head around one American calling another American filth just because there are differing opinions on the table. If we were both identical - one of us would be unnecessary :)

- OzMud

RunninL8 said...

"If we were both identical - one of us would be unnecessary :)"

I LOVE that, Oz!!!!!

she's a fraud, folks said...

The Coward Palin only threatened a lawsuit.

Of course she didn't just go ahead and actually file a lawsuit - like any serious person would have done.

All talk and no action.

Then again, The Coward Palin is a fraud and the biggest hoax in American political history.

Kevin said...

You got to love it - they are the ones deranged, refusing to have any meaningful debate and continue in their twisted groupthink.

I experience similar treatment on the Big Government websites and I love posting their comments on my website as evidence of the right's acceptance of violent rhetoric and promotion of internet flaming. Typically, my comments are attacked with extremely vulgar comments and I have noticed that sometimes the moderators delete rational statements while leaving their's untouched.

Only persistent reporting leads to them making a sacrificial comment here and there...

Aussie Blue Sky said...

If the poll is going to be resurrected, I vote for 'slut' if "roundheeled moll" is not an option.

Anonymous said...

Phil, if you want to make a complaint about your comment over at The Urinal to Disqus, here's their email address: hello@disqus.com


I've already made a general complaint, but you may have to make a specific one.

tewise said...

I would find them changing your post to something that you did not say crossing the line. I might have looked cute to them but it is not. Just my opinion

Philip Munger said...

Thanks for the advice on Disqus. I've got a full day teaching and rehearsing today, but hope to get to it tomorrow-ish.

Anonymous said...

I agree with tewise. It's one thing to delete you; cowards do that. But changing the content of your message?Highly unethical, yet not surprising.

jk said...

I adore that photo of Palin. What direction did the photographer give her?

"OK, Governor Palin, wrap yourself in the flag. Tighter. Tighter. Perfect. Now smile!"

She just doesn't get that the joke is on her.

Sharon_Too_Also said...

Phil - is there any way to submit a version of Dunn's article as an OP ED piece in the NYT rag?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of polls: The Quitter told her BFF Greta on FOX that a recent poll placed her 'just four or five points behind Obama" -- a few weeks ago $arah said in speech that "polls are for strippers and skiers." She is so delusional it is scary and kinda sad. I believe we are merely at the beginning of $arah Palin's unravelling.

Thank you for all the thoughtful posts and comments on this site.

Philip Munger said...


I mentioned all the comments here and at firedoglake to Geoffrey's article to him yesterday - a very positive reaction. It is up to him.