Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mat-Su Mayor DeVilbis Wants to Kill Our Kids - Come Stop Him Tonight at the Palmer Train Depot!

Tonight in Palmer Mayor DeVilbis wants to recommend a slow lingering death to anywhere from dozens to several hundred Mat-Su residents, especially kids with asthma or other respiratory problems:
PALMER — The Mat-Su Borough Assembly is set to discuss a resolution supporting coal mining in the area Tuesday and already people are lining up to give their two-cents.

“It’s supporting their permit renewal,” said the man behind the resolution, Borough Mayor Larry DeVilbiss. “It’s also placed in the context of all the coal leases up there that are potential.”

Usibelli Coal Mine announced last week that the comment period on its regular application to renew its mining permit had opened. Comments are due Oct. 14.

“Usibelli is encouraged by Mayor DeVilbiss’ commitment to economic development in the Mat-Su. We hope the assembly passes the resolution,” Usibelli spokeswoman Lorali Carter said in an email Friday.

DeVilbiss said he’s anticipating a big enough crowd that he’s asked for the meeting to be moved to the Palmer Train Depot. He also said that he’s not doing this because he’s opposed to short meetings or has some kind of a beef with the assembly.

“I really felt like it was time to stand up and be counted. As far as I know there’s never been any official action on this,” he said. “I think it’s time to let the world know that we’re either for it or against it.”

He also noted that Sutton coal is prized on the world market for burning cleaner than other types of coal.

“It’s something we can contribute toward cleaner coal being used in the world instead of the nasty stuff people tell stories about,” DeVilbiss said.
What a crock of shit!  Here's what you can do:
Dear Friends,
We are sending this email as a reminder about tonight's Mat-Su Borough (MSB) Assembly meeting and urge you to show up in person to make your voice heard!

Tonight at the MSB Assembly meeting,  Mayor DeVilbiss will be introducing resolution (11-112)

Your voice is urgently needed to tell the Mat-Su borough that this is no place for a coal strip mine!

Click here to send an email to Assembly Members.

Please consider  joining us in person tonight, September 6th at the  Palmer Train Depot   for the Assembly meeting to make your voice heard and ensure that this resolution does not pass.
Meet us at the Friends of Mat-Su office before the meeting to get a T-Shirt and a sign to take to the meeting.

Where: FOMS Office at 308 E. Dahlia Ave in Palmer
which offers a firm endorsement from the MSB in support  Usibelli's Permit renewal for the Wishbone Hill open pit coal strip mine project. 


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the mayor needs to have his house next to the clean coal mine, down wind, of course.

Philip Munger said...

My house IS downwind from the proposed mine. Straight downwind.

The Assembly passed the resolution 5 to 1.