Monday, September 26, 2011

Palin Threatens to Sue McGinniss Over The Rogue - Who Is On Joe's Side?

These two?  Maybe, maybe not:

I talked to a friend of mine in the national press this week. He said, “Joe seduced a murderer, why did you think you were smarter?” I didn’t know. I didn’t vet Joe.  It occurred to me, this is why Sarah Palin was elected. This is why I took Joe McGinniss in like family. Alaska has an open heart that doesn’t ask for a history. At one point, it was rude to ask people where they were from. Many people run away to Alaska, reinvent themselves, and carry on. When people out themselves as both Sarah and now, Joe, we get it.

Since the manuscript of Frank Bailey’s memoir Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin was leaked in its entirety to the media by author Joe McGinniss, whose own Palin book will be out this month, the authors of Blind Allegiance (Frank Bailey, Ken Morris and myself) have been asked questions.  What’s the back story?  How did this happen? What was the motive?
Today, many of those questions will be answered for those who have been curious.  Matt Harwood from the top-notch investigative site Truthout has done a major expose of McGinniss – and not only his motives and behavior in the Blind Allegiance incident, but past ethical challenges as well.
You can read the expose HERE. [emphasis added]
On Sunday, at a book salon I hosted at firedoglake, McGinniss had this to say about the vetting of his book on Palin:
Bottom line: not only my editor, but Random House attorneys verified every source, in some cases speaking directly to the sources themselves. I have dozens of hours of recorded conversations. Random House attorneys listened to them all, then made an independent judgment about the trustworthiness of the sources. No material from an unverified source is included in the book. Many details were omitted for that reason. Obviously, any writer would like to be able to name every source. In this case, the climate of fear the Palins created in and around Wasilla made that impossible. After seeing how Sarah reacted to my moving next door, many people became afraid for their own safety and said they’d talk to me only if I guaranteed confidentiality. When I felt I had to, I did. Anonymous sources have a long and honorable tradition in U.S. journalism. Look at Woodward and Bernstein and “Deep Throat.” Just last week, the NY Times had a story about the Mets third baseman and quoted an anonymous source. In twelve books written over 42 years, I’ve never been through a legal vetting like this one. It lasted for months.
We'll soon see who is supporting Palin on this meretricious lawsuit inspired by one of the sleaziest racists on the web.


Ennealogic said...

Thanks, Phil. Interesting that the photo you show of AKM and Ms. Moore is the same one that Jeanne asked me to use (instead of a pic I had taken of them both in Pittsburgh) because it was more flattering to them both.

One has to wonder, who did Jesse show his email from Joe from, and who would have been upset enough to share that with the (sorry) scumbag Breitbart?

DobieTracker said...

Can we get Moore.Devon to admit that Jeanne kept hidden from McGinnis the fact that she was writing a book while he shared with her so much information he had on Palin??

Seems to me that Devon betrayed McGinnis first and I still don't know what it is that Moore feels betrayed about---I mean she was not an author along with Devon.

Moore claims she is betrayed by McGuinness because SHE (Moore) was keeping Devon's secret about Blind Allegience being in the works but that makes no sense.

Seems to me Moore betrayed McGinness first as well becasue in keeping Devon's secret she is lying to McGinness by omission.

If she were honest, she could have kept Devon's secret BUT SHE WOULD HAVE HAD TO STOP "HANGING OUT" WITH MCGINNESS.

I think Moore's ego was happy to be pals with this well known author and she was willing to betray him---along with Devon---for the pleasure of being associated with a "name" author. Guess Olberman not calling on her anymore left a hole she just had to fill.

Is Moore keeping her name in the news by now clinging to Devon's sense of betrayal???

Maybe Moore should try writing her own book and making a name for herself instead of standing in someone else's spotlight---Olberman, Devon, McGinness.

If they think McGinness did wrong, they should sue him !

Come on girls, put your walk where your talk is.

Philip Munger said...


I've spoken with Jesse about this twice. Not only does he attest that he shared the late January email from McGinniss with nobody, he told me this afternoon that he has had his computer gone through to verify that it has not been hacked to get at the content.

I haven't spoken with McGinniss since the fdl book salon. He thanked me afterward, but I've been too busy pulling food out of the ground today before a hard freeze, to communicate back with him.

It is worthy noting that the email McGinniss sent was about three weeks before the open breach between Joe on the one hand, and Jeanne and Shannyn on the other.

However, I can't imagine that either one of them would even contemplate sharing information with such a disgusting person as Andrew Breitbart. Bailey is a total slime ball, but Breitbart is in an entirely different league.

McGinniss is probably the only person who can provide information on just who he might have shared the Griffin email with.

Philip Munger said...


Devon claims she had signed a non-disclosure agreement with Bailey's literary agent, so she could not have responsibly shared the relationship with McGinniss without breaking a contract. I believe her. She probably should have cut off her relationship with McGinniss as soon as she signed with Bailey, but that is hindsight.

Bailey's statement on when that contractual arrangement actually began is vague. Devon has never disclosed exactly when the business relationship began, to my knowledge.

Moore claims she did not know about Devon's book deal until just before the manuscript was leaked in February. I have no reason to disbelieve that.

zane said...

I have heard otherwise regarding Moore, but they surely look like mean girls & I do hope they have enjoyed their ride which is far longer than they deserved.'s just our country & our children's future.... we are talking about....enjoy.

DobieTracker said...

Phil Thanks for the response.

You said"Moore claims she did not know about Devon's book deal until just before the manuscript was leaked in February. I have no reason to disbelieve that."

Even if that is so, WHY is Moore writing that she feels so betrayed by McGinness??? He did NOTHING to her> I can understand if she is mad at him because she feels he betrayed Devon (Devon being her friend) but Joe did not betray SM in any way! HE did not know aboaut Devon's book till it was leaked to him ! ! !

Devon DEFINITELY should have backed away from McGinness whenever she signed that contract and THAT is not a matter of "hind sight."

I am so disappointed in Devon for essentially betraying Joe like she did but to claim HE betrayed her is just plain hypocritical.

Mommy mommy he hit me first. Well, Devon "hit" Joe first. She should just keep her mouth shut !

I still dont know what Moore's beef is about.

Philip Munger said...


I'm sure that if one calls in to Shannyn's Thursday radio program when she has Jeanne as her co-host and asks whether or not either of them had seen Joe's letter to Jesse before Breitbart published it, or had anything to do with passing it along in a way that Breitbart might have ended up with it, they will put all this to rest, once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything else Moore and Devon might like to add to this story, because frankly, I'm tired of hearing about how "wronged" they were ( in their own minds) by Joe McGinnis, over and over and over and over again?

Besides, I'm just not seeing it.

From my perspective, I don't see either one of these women taking ANY responsibility for THEIR part in this troubled relationship with McGinniss. It seems all they want to do is very PUBLICLY whine about Joe... perhaps in order to avoid looking inward at how they helped create this problem to begin with?

Anonymous said...

The one pervasive theme to the cottage industry that is SP is lying, lying and more of the same. Somebody needs to stand up and finally put that hideous woman to shame.

BelleP said...

I remember when Moore was threatened with a lawsuit for publishing "rumors".
Moore's response was excellent, the presser in front of Palin's office.
That whole episode is testament to the truth in Joe's book, that the Palin's are bullies and they threaten people in Alaska to keep them quiet.

Maybe Joe McGinniss should hold a similar style press conference and give some examples of the stories he did not put into his book because they did not pass the publisher's legal team.