Thursday, March 31, 2011

Will the Fukushima Evacuation Zone Be Expanded?

That report was from Wednesday. Here's a more recent report from RT TV:


Anonymous said...

Sure hope so.

Celia Harrison said...

Both the US and France have robots that work under high radiation. Where does Busby get his information? The Japanese are going to use ours. Much was made in the news about them turning down France's robots as if they thought they did not need them when they already had secured the use of ours, in trying to say it was a controversy. They are also getting our 140 soldier nuclear emergency team that can clean radioactive debris. The French are very involved, there is no problem. I have been watching the news in Japan for the last three weeks. They were at first giving constant radiation readings, including all over Japan and other data, including the color of every puff of smoke. It was so much it was confusing and irritating people, so they have slacked off. Yet,in other countries the news media kept complaining they were not giving enough information or hiding something. They made it clear from the beginning there was grave danger and said people should be prepared for any and all possiblilities. They only give data they have actually gotten rather than speculate. They don't know where the leaks are coming from now. There are hundreds if not thousands of people from all over the world helping them sort out the facts, figure out how to contain the radiation and cool the three out of control reactors down. Christopher Busby is a chemist, not a physisist and he is considered to be rather dicey. People are writing that the I-131 will be around forever when it has a half life of 8 years or that there are six reactors all melting down simultaneously instead of three reactors in unknown emergency status.

nswfm said...

Thanks for posting this and please read this/spread the word about nuclear power and the interview with the scientist. The media is too inept.

And don’t think that doesn’t happen here, either.