Tuesday, March 1, 2011

That Darn Huck - Last Week He Was Jesus, This Week He's Telling Whoppers

Mike Huckabee thinks Obama spent his childhood in Kenya.

Mike Huckabee thinks that if one is critical of Winston Churchill, one insults the British. Uh - Obama returned a bust of Churchill that had been on loan from the British Embassy to Obama's predecessor. Huckabee has swallowed one of Glenn Beck's whoppers, hook line and sinker:

Both the British Embassy and the White House have said that the Churchill bust had not been a gift, but rather a loan that expired with Bush's presidency.
Compare this Beck nut fodder:

BECK: Do you remember when we gave the big statue back, the bust of Churchill? Right after Obama got. In it didn't make sense to me, hasn't made sense to me. Any clues, any clues why this gift from the English after 9/11 was boxed up and sent back? I haven't figured out a reason. Why does Obama harbor animosity towards the British? I don't know. Why would he return the bust? A listener called me this morning. Said he had found information about Barack Obama's grandfather in an old Irish newspaper but couldn't verify it. I said okay, what is it? We looked into it. The information, took us about 20 minutes to find. It was out there, but until today I never heard about this information, and I'm kind of in the Barack Obama business, you know what I mean? I don't think you have. Maybe you have. What puts you in a position to act unexplainably in weird ways toward the ally? Something must have happened in your life and maybe this is a part of it.

To what Huckabee says here:

Good to know that Huckabee is enrolled in the Master of History course at Beck University:


Anonymous said...

Should be interesting when Huck visits AK!! I'm sure the Baggers will turn out to welcome him and their Bro and Sista Baggers! There are 4 stops in AK - June 7 -Ketchikan; June 8 - Tracy Arm Fjord; June 8 - Juneau and June 9 -Skagway.

Stops long enough to speak - unfortunately. Who knows what elected officials race out to slobber all over him too.


Of course the schedules in port are short timeframes but the fact those on the cruise are a captive audience for a week to listen to his BS.

majii said...

If Huckabee had a good platform on which to run in 2012, he would have no reason to lie about anything. That he has decided to join the birthers and lie about President Obama tells me all I need to know about his character. What is most offensive to me is that he bears false witness and calls himself a follower of Christ and a minister.

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for the Republican Party to introduce an intelligent gracious leader so I could even consider voting for him/her. So far, the GOP's produced nothing but conservative rotten apples. Unbelievably, there's NO ONE!

President Obama will be easily re-elected in 2012 as the rotten apples compete for second place.

Anonymous said...

Another 'christian' that doesn't tell the truth. I've listened to his radio 'short' clips and he always put his particular story across stretching the truth.

I'm not impressed. Never have been!

Bear Woman said...

Anonymous@ 2:07 -- Tracy Arm Fjord is just that a fjord -- other than those on the boat, the only thing to hear Huck expound his nonsense are some puffins, seals, ice, rock and maybe a whale.....

I'm sure the Juneau Republicans will make a big deal of his arrival -- who knows if he will give them the time of day -- or at least those not busy trying to take his money in their shops.....

Anonymous said...

Could it be he just fucked up?

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Huckabee made a verbal error. I don't believe he knows the difference in Kenya and Indonesia. In addition, if Huckabee thinks living in another country in one's early childhood colors one's thinking and political philosophy for life and essentially makes one a citizen of that country, then I need to notify the German government that I am on my way HOME (lived in Germany 5 years as a child).

Huckabee is an ignorant and narrow man and if he talks more than five minutes that becomes quite obvious.

N.C. Reader

Anonymous said...

Someone has brought up the "Alaska Freedom Cruise".

I posted this at IM:

Hucksterby, Palin and Joe Miller. All cut from the same cloth. This statement was no accident.
The attempts to explain it are laughable.

Couple of things- Didn't Hucksterby say something about Obama not coming 'to the mainland United States until after highschool'? in this same clip? Or maybe on CBN?. I am pretty sure that was on one of the MSNBC shows last night- maybe O'Donnells?

Cause there is something that might disqualify Palin- if they weren't just making up this sch#t as they go. All this really is is push the TeaTard buttons. Good for votes and donations.

The other thing is that Hucksterby was a big supporter of Joe Miller.
Even fundraising for Miller after election.

November 16, 2010 - 04:47 PM
Fighting For Joe Miller
by Mike Huckabee
Much media attention has been paid to the lame duck session and the incoming freshman class of elected officials. While political pundits express uncertainty over the future of our nation - in Alaska, Joe Miller's future is also uncertain. You may not know, but Joe's race for U. S. Senate is still not decided. Alaska's Republican nominee for the US Senate, is STILL in the race of his life and needs our immediate help....
To make a donation directly to his campaign please click here.


And it is still going on.
Joe Miller failed to get the government job he applied for. He may have burned his employment bridges also. In any case times are hard and money is short for the Millers. They need help. They want desperately to go on a 'Christian based' cruise. Joe Miller apparently wants someone else to pay for it. As he hasn't found a government program that will, the hand is out for money.

A Facebook message sprayed across the ether by one "Amy Walker" invites us all to contribute money to buy Joe and Kathleen Miller tickets on the big "Christian-based . . . Alaska Freedom Cruise" headed for Southeast in June. That's the one featuring "Special Guest Host Gov. Mike Huckabee"

"Christian based"! "Freedom Cruise"!
And to make the dream of meeting Mike Huckabee in person Joe and wife just need to be blessed with some benjamins. Really. At least 35 of them will be needed.

Walker appears to be a Miller activist currently involved in something called "Team Huck." Her pitch was addressed to people "who want to bless Joe & Kathleen Miller."


Some words come to mind: they are NOT "Help Joe Miller."