Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Carl Gatto Brings Notorious Floozy Drunk to Juneau to Testify

The Associated Press noted yesterday that pioneer blogger-vlogger Pamela Geller will be testifying today in Juneau, in front of the House Judiciary Committee, in favor of Rep. Carl Gatto and Rep. Bob Lynn's HB 88. Last week, they brought up Arizona attorney David Yarushalmi to testify. Yarushalmi wrote their bill, as he has written similar bills for 15 other states.

Here's what the AP wrote about Geller's Juneau appearance:
JUNEAU -- The Council on American-Islamic Relations is calling for a speaker invited to testify to Alaska House Judiciary Committee to be pulled from Wednesday's lineup. Council spokesman Ibrahim Hooper says Pamela Geller, head of advocacy group Stop Islamization of America, should not be allowed to testify on House Bill 88 because of what he calls her anti-Muslim rhetoric. Geller didn't immediately respond to an email from The Associated Press seeking comment. The bill from Rep. Carl Gatto, a Republican from Palmer, would prohibit the use of any foreign law in state courts if it infringes on a person's constitutional rights. Gatto also wasn't immediately available for comment. He previously has said that the measure is designed to guard against Islamic Sharia Law.
Geller was an early blogger, and was one of the very first bloggers to add video content to her blog, Atlas Shrugs. In one of her notorious early vlogs, she got totally wasted, drinking a large quantity of red wine before she had the good sense to stop her rants long enough to shut the video camera off. It appears to have been removed.

She's well known for her vamping routine, where she swoops down upon some unsuspected middle-aged male politician, and starts rubbing up against him. No wonder John Bolton wrote the forward to Geller's book.

Earlier this year, the Southern Poverty Law Center named Geller's organization, Stop Islamization of America, a hate group:

Manhattan blogger Pamela Geller and her posse of anti-Islamic protesters have been branded a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Stop the Islamization of America was included in the civil rights organization's annual roundup of extremist groups - a rogue's gallery that includes everything from the Ku Klux Klan to white supremacists and Nazis.

Geller's support for far right racist Geert Wilders has raised the concern of the B'Nai Brith's Anti-Defamation League:

In her blog postings and other writings, Geller regularly voices support for Wilders, whom she has described as "the Bravest Man in the world" and "our proxy in the trial of Western Civilization, protagonist vs Islam, antagonist." She has also indicated that she intends to help garner support for Wilders; she claims to have personally financed Wilder's February 2009 trip to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington DC. A few months later, she served on the host committee of one South Florida event held in Wilders' honor and defended him against criticism related to some of his other scheduled appearances in the area.

Gatto's conduct in this legislation is so far to the right of the far right, I'm scratching my head. Why isn't Alaska's media asking him some hard questions about the out-and-out religious fascists he is backing - Yarusahalmi and Geller in the case of HB 88, and Sean Parnell's nutty pick for the Alaska Judicial Council, Don Haase?

Here's more on Pamela Geller. First, one of her own vlog entries.

RT TV interviewing Geller last year, on the Alyona Show:

Here's footage from a demonstration in early March, in Orange County California. The demonstration was organized, in part, by Geller:

Author, journalist and blogger Max Blumenthal, has written extensively about Geller's ties to and direct support of far right organizations here and abroad:

Geller’s endorsement of the shadowy fascist group, called the English Defense League, highlights the reorganization of the British far-right around an anti-Muslim, pro-Zionist platform designed to cultivate alliances with influential online fanatics like her.

On the same day Geller posted her smear of White, she promoted a rally in defense of the Dutch anti-Muslim extremist Geert Wilders by the English Defense League (EDL) (Wilders has called for a “head rag tax” on Muslim women who wear hijab).

“How I wish I could be there to stand with the English Defense League,” Geller pined.

So what happens at a typical EDL rally? According to a report by Wales Online, at an October 2009 rally in Swansea by the EDL’s Wales-based affiliate, the Welsh Defense League, “onlookers were confronted with scenes of jeering men giving Nazi salutes.” At another rally in Stoke on Trent in January, intoxicated EDL activists in black masks attempted to break through police lines to assault anti-racist protesters around the block, injuring several police officers in the process.

Those are the allies of these people Carl Gatto and Bob Lynn are bringing up to Juneau at the taxpayers' expense.

Go ahead and let this slimy, race baiting floozy testify, but please - PLEASE - Alaska media, don't just sit on your fucking asses and let this woman come and go without doing an honest story on her.


Caroline said...

Can you insult Pamela Geller without slut-shaming, please?

Philip Munger said...


What do you mean?

Anonymous said...

Charles Johnson @LGF posts about Geller and her English Defense League ties extensively. I'm sure you've read.

It's such a fucking crock that Alaska of all places is buying into the stupid creeping Sharia bs. There is a poster on LGF who is Muslim and loves to say that she's getting a new cat and naming it Sharia, so to freak out the neighbs.

Anonymous said...

Slut shaming? Now that's an interesting phrase.

I've always taken it to mean when a woman is shamed for liking sex and having a lot of it. A woman is called a slut for doing the same thing a man does without reproach.

Now, the word "floozy" is dripping with old-fashioned contempt for a woman who has a lot of sex with different men. Still, I'm going to give Phil a pass for using an archaic word to describe a woman who supposedly frottages men to get ahead.

Interestingly, although "floozy," means a sexually promiscuous woman, it is defined by Merriam Webster as a woman with loose morals. Swap "ethics" for "morals" (or even keep "morals" if you believe in such a thing and it extends beyond sex).

Maybe "floozy" is the right word.

Philip Munger said...

I took "floozy" from the American Heritage Dictionary:

"A woman regarded as tawdry or sexually promiscuous."

Notice the "or." I mean it in the sense that she certainly is tawdry.

Anonymous said...

I fail to see how Gatto, Haas or Palin's concept of intrusive "small government" is an improvement over Sharia Law the world over.

slowhand said...

Okay, so she is a drunk and a floozie. But she has great hair.

Anonymous said...

BFD Phil

So what is your point?

She likes sex and she likes to drink. So do half of the the elected democrats in the US Senate.

I think even Liberals like sex and drink.

Maybe you have a problem with good looking women.

What does any of this have to do with Gotto's Bill?

Richard Keefe said...

"Pamela Geller and her posse of anti-Islamic protesters have been branded a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center."

Ironically, in its "most recent roundup" of alleged "hate groups," the SPLC identifies "Black Separatists" as the largest single category of "hate group" in the US, far outnumbering the KKK, neo-nazis and skinheads respectively.

The SPLC then goes on to identify two-thirds of those black "hate groups" as chapters of the Nation of Islam, i.e., Muslims

So, what exactly are the experts at the SPLC saying about American Muslims?

The most ironic (read: "hypocritical") thing about the Southern Poverty Law Center is that NOT ONE of its top ten, highest paid executives is a minority.

In fact, according to the SPLC's hometown newspaper, the Montgomery Advertiser, despite being located LITERALLY in the back yard of Dr. Martin Luther King's home church, the SPLC has NEVER hired a person of color to a highly paid position of power in its entire 40 year history.

Some "experts"

Anonymous said...

"Good looking" is obviously in the eye of the beholder. Or maybe I see her nastiness shining through her over-done face. Sounds a lot like Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

Geller's Response slams CAIR

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

"The bill from Rep. Carl Gatto, a Republican from Palmer, would prohibit the use of any foreign law in state courts if it infringes on a person's constitutional rights."

Don't these morons realize that their Bible is from foreign soil? Specifically from the Middle East?

And someone needs to remind a few folks that the novel Atlas Shrugged is a work of FICTION!

Anonymous said...

I think Phil has a crush on Geller.

Kinda like pulling the pigtails on a school girl he had the hots for.

mmm maybe Phil has a thing about Sarah and .....