Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saradise Lost and Found - Chapter 17 - Will Todd Palin Ignore Bill Maher?

I got in trouble here last winter for conducting a poll asking whether or not readers considered the term "saint" or "slut" to be more appropriate to describe Sarah Palin. Saint lost by a wide margin. I learned a lot from the pushback from both random commenters and friends.

Comedian and Islamaphobe Bill Maher called Palin a "twat" on his show Friday.


My last interaction with Todd was late last summer, when I confronted him about having hosted James O'Keefe wannabee Robert Stacey McCain at his house for a few days.

Were I to bump into Todd today, I'd offer him help to go after Maher, who I increasingly despise.

Hopefully, the exchange won't happen (I assume Todd is in Israel with his wife).

Todd, Sarah, Bill - all of them are desperate celebrities.


Anonymous said...

Bill is an equal opportunity religion attacker - his criticisms of Christianity are plentiful.

Anonymous said...

now let's get the quote straight: dumb twat, no not kumquat, dumb twat. and that she is. snooki, snooki, snooki

WakeUpAmerica said...

Bill is an equal opportunity offender. He goes after every religion. It is disingenuous to imply thay he only targets Muslims.

Anonymous said...

You confronted Todd? Because Robert Stacey McCain stayed at his house last summer?
Huh. I guess I missed that. With all furor over the writer renting the house next door and the filming of "Sarah Palin's Alaska", somehow I must have missed this.
I couldn't find any reference to "confronting Todd" in your archives.

Tell us about it...

Ivyfree said...

Sarah's political career is based on the fact that she is a mother. She has dragged her kids around since the days she ran for Wasilla city concil with the kids in a little red wagon behind her. When she talks about herself, she says she is a mother. She can multitask, because she is a mother. Her first priority, she claims, is her kids. She certainly hasn't accomplished anything of value. Obviously Bill was just referencing her own valuation of herself.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that Robert Stacey McCain stayed with the Palin's in the summer of 2010 or 2009?

Anonymous said...

Phil, first of all, Bill Maher has many very articulate guests on his show as opposed to many talk shows that exist on television.

His style may grate your sensibilities, but the truth he exposes is real and important. I understand that you may resent many of his opinions.

Somebody has to be able to take on the right wing hatchet men that are relentlessly savage on science and rational thought. Much of the media neglects any intelligent conversation regarding these subjects.

You might find him vulgar, but his show is on HBO. Bill Maher engages in insightful conversation as opposed to the shout fests that are on even the progressive programs that I do enjoy often.

His open criticism of the irrationality of religious beliefs may be offensive to many, but more often than not I find myself agreeing with him on those subjects.

I happen to dislike the messages of Glen Beck, so I don't watch anything related to Glen Beck. If Bill Maher offends you, don't watch him. I feel better when I don't watch offensive things!

Anonymous said...

i have to agree. i like bill and i watch him each week. i don't like glen beck and i don't watch him at all.
and i think dumb twat sums it up pretty well.
when your done 'going after' bill maher, look me up.

bill in belize

Anonymous said...

Phil, the man's name is 'Stacy'.
I don't get how a cold-call interview equates to "hosting" the writer as a guest?

"Rumor is that the Palins are out of town and hope of an interview seems doomed to disappointment. Then my cell phone rings. "This is Todd Palin," says the man on the phone.
I explain that I've driven 50 miles from Anchorage to Wasilla just to get a sense of the town where Sarah began her political career as a city council member and mayor. Todd then tells me that although his wife is out town, he's still in Wasilla and …"

What exactly is this about, Phil? What's the point? What are you getting it?

Anonymous said...

Also, too, Todd's in INDIA with his wife. As you know.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 9:44:

As I know (sheeeesh! Palinbots can be under-informed):

"JERUSALEM — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin visited a Jewish holy site in Jerusalem soon after arriving in Israel Sunday on a trip that has raised speculation she is honing her foreign policy credentials before a run for the U.S. presidency next year.

"Palin arrived in Israel Sunday after visiting India."

hauksdottir said...


Sarah Palin IS a twat!

("Twat" being a fine centuries' old name for vulva... from a slit or forest clearing... it is especially appropriate for a former beauty queen who undoubtedly takes a weed-whacker to the undergrowth.)

The only reason Kristol promoted her and McCain chose her was her genetalia.

She wriggled and winked and wore skirts hiked to her hips as a promise of sexual favors. She leaned over while talking so that men in the audience have a hope of seeing her fall out of her push-up bra. She crossed and recrossed her legs while sitting on a high dais so that men in the audience might have a hope of seeing her twat. She rubbed her thighs and calves suggestively so that men in the audience might have a hope of seeing that hand creep higher.

And she has NEVER stopped marketing herself as a whore. You've undoubtedly watched the introduction to her speech in India. She couldn't sit still... and what she was doing with her legs was NOT ladylike at all.

And if you think "whore" is too strong a term, I wish there was one stronger. Prostitution of the mind is so much worse than prostitution of the body, and whether she sells herself and her family for a hundred bucks or a hundred thousand doesn't matter. She's selling and dirty old men are buying.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what names people call Palin after all the name calling she has done--and she shouldn't get a pass. There probably are many words/names not yet coined that she should be called.

Anonymous said...

There are desperate celebrities,

and there are the desperate bloggers who cling to them.