Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mom and Her Quilts

Judy and I are in central Puget Sound for a few days, for James L. Acord's memorial service this coming Saturday. Our base is my sister's house on Mercer Island. My mom lives with my sister. At 92, going on 93, she is still one of the most active, creative hand-sewn quilters in the area.

Above is a quilt she just completed. Below is the current project.

Here's one that Milly was working on when we visited last summer.


lilly lily said...

She looks happy.

Just joined a quilting group and am going to make a small lap throw quilt out of my husbands old silk ties.

One of those things you can do for many years.

KaJo said...

Lilly lily, you might consider this pattern if you have an abundance of brightly colored silk ties.

Each quadrant (4 quarters) of the 5 squares is flip-sewn onto a muslin backing -- first the colorful strips, then the ivory colored background -- then the 4 quarters are sewn together and the red center circle is appliqued on top.

If you're interested, I can give you the rest of the directions for sewing the sections together.

It can also be sewn in an Oriental theme, with silk brocade scraps too.

Anonymous said...

Tell your mom thanks for the glimpse at her beautiful quilts and that hand-sewn is still the best! Makes me look forward to my soon upcoming golden years when I see wonderful older (not by much any more) people active and enjoying their lives and families so much. I'd really like to touch them and appreciate her stitches, but will just have to settle for a look. Thanks, again from Oregon.

bill said...

Phil, Your Mom is beautiful! If you get up to Bham we'll go for a cruise around.....

Anonymous said...

You should check out Sara R and her quilt diaries on Daily Kos. It's an amazing act of compassion to wrap a quilt around someone who is hurting.