Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saradise Found - Chapter Three -- "Thank You, Sarah Palin!"

I know what you are thinking, "Gryphen you simpleton, clearly that is a joke!"

Au contraire, mon ami. It most certainly is not.

Those are the actual Sarah Palin supporters just doing their gosh darnedest to let her know how much they appreciate her.

I know that you expect me to just rip into this video, and pick it apart, leaving the bits and pieces scattered all over this page. But that just shows how little you know about me.

You see I have been inspired to take the time to add my "thank yous" for Sarah Palin as well.

Sarah Palin thank you.

Thank you for being so completely inept at your job that even mentioning the word "recall" or "impeachment" draws immediate interest and support from all around the world.

Thank you for being such a habitual liar that even the casual observer cannot help but notice the inconsistencies.

Thank you for breaking Alaskan ethics laws like saltine crackers with never a thought as to who has to clean up the mess or that the trail of crumbs leads right back to you.

Thank you for demonstrating on the campaign trail that there is literally NOTHING you won't do to smear and damage anybody that you perceive as a potential threat, whether it be a highly respected law enforcement professional, an inspirational leader who is working to repair the deep divides in this country, or even your own teenage daughter.

And finally a big thank you for standing in front of that turkey holocaust so that the world could see how terminally clueless you really are, and for making the job of Alaskan Progressive Bloggers just that much easier.

For all of that, and more, I would like to say THANK YOU SARAH PALIN! We simply could not do this without you!


frsbdg said...

This was the "Letter to the Editor" that I've been composing in my head since the election. Maybe we could have done it without her, but she made it a whole lot easier

clark said...

if you can hack it, check out what some wingnuts from the golden heart city have to say about obama death threats.
we have a ways to go, still.

Anonymous said...

Some of those folks look like Far Side characters. (Not that it's bad to look like a Far Side character if you look like one.)

clark said...

that's quite a bunch there, huh...
just read a great david sirota column about "the media's innocent bystander myth". i remember writing to the ADN and suggesting they run sirota's columns [always insightful and educational]. sirota's from montana and i think he'd have some insight on how a state transforms itself toward being more left-leaning.
reading this column, i can understand why ADN wouldn't bite.

alaskabugler said...

Phil I've Been trying to post for months if this doesn't make it I'll call you Sorry to be out of the link

Anonymous said...

alaskabugler - Welcome Back!

Phil from another computer