Friday, November 28, 2008

Phone Bank for Jim Martin in Georgia? -- I'm Trying to Set It UP!

Are you an Alaskan interested in phone banking for the Jim Martin U.S. Senate campaign? He's in a runoff against authoritarian, semi-nutcase Saxby Chambliss. The runoff is Tuesday.

I'm trying to set up a way for Alaskans to call Georgia voters, with a targeted list provided by the Martin campaign. I'm hoping to have this set up by tomorrow, 2:00 p.m. AST. I've suggested that they help us target people who might be hunters, NRA members, Veterans, or who believe Sarah Palin is credible (she will be throwing raw meat campaigning for Chambliss Sunday and Monday).

If you are interested already, contact me at mungerniklake at gmail dot com.

You can start phone calling for Martin on your own by going to this site, set up by Barack Obama. Georgia should already be selected. If you've called for Obama in the past, your account should already be set up.

Here are the two most recent campaign ads of the candidates, as a contrast. The first by Thomas, is straightforward:

This one, by Chambliss, is totally weird at the end. Watch his right hand reach over his granddaughter:


Anonymous said...

Another campaign Ad Video

Anonymous said...

Saxby Chambliss and the Bush Agenda Video

Saxby Chambliss not trustworthy video

Thanksgiving Message from Chambliss Family redux video

Anonymous said...

It's not like his granddaughter has breasts or anything.

Linda Scates said...

That Chambliss ad is creepy as hell. I was okay with it until the hand. Good grief, what was he thinking?

Anonymous said...

That's just disturbing. I had an uncle like that. When any of us 'girls' got the nerve up to complain we were told "oh now honey that's just Uncle Frank's way - it doesn't mean anything."

And we weren't even from the south!


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