Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This Couldn't Have Started Without Don Young

Don Young helped his now-imprisoned buddy, Jack Abramoff, to enable the Tan crime empire create a slave colony in the Commonwealth of the Mariana Islands. The so-called "guest workers" there, are kept locked up, forced to endure prostitution and subsequent forced abortions, threatened, and once used up, sent back to where they came from - usually flat broke and broken in body and spirit.

Don and Jack set up the sweet deal that allowed the goods made for Tan by these slaves to be marketed at your local clothing store as "Made in the USA."

Like Rep. Bob Schaffer (R- CO), in the video above, our Representative, Don Young, denies ever having dealt with Abramoff. As Kris Pierce and I were able to establish back in September 2006, though, Young is lying, just like Schaffer.

youtube courtesy of Talking Points Memo's Veracifier


Anonymous said...

You should examine the relationship between former CNMI Attorney General Herb Soll and the former head of the CNMI Department of Labor and Immigration, Mark Zachares.

Both have long ties to Alaska, and both are in no small wall responsible for the conditions that you see in this video.

Soll headed up the Public Defender Agency in Alaska in the early 1970's, where in 1975 he became the Public Defender in the Marshall Islands.

Soll replaced Mark Hickey as Chief Prosecuter for the State of Alaska in 1986 during the Sheffield scandal.

In 1993 he returned to the CNMI as Attorney General, where he would eventually become Zachares' boss.

As of 2006, Soll was serving as a Senior Judge in the CNMI.

Philip Munger said...

Actually, we're working on that right now, especially getting more information from beyond the limited number of Greenburg, Traurig billings that have come to light so far.

Soll surfaced as possibly significant late last year as part of Dengre at DailyKos's continuing Abramoff investigations.

Anonymous said...

That's because I told him.

Anonymous said...

I should clarify that, he wasn't aware of Soll's extenisive Alaskan connections until I made him aware of it.