Monday, October 1, 2012

Shell Oil - They Want to Be a "Person" When It Fills Their Pockets, But Not When It Relates to Human Rights. Do You Trust Them With Our Arctic?

Two takes on this. First Democracy Now's segment on the upcoming U.S. Supreme Curt case (Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum Co) regarding Shell Oil crimes in Nigeria: Second, RT TV's coverage: Shell Oil is an international criminal of the first rank.

Back in August, Katie Hurley asked me to say something at a fundraiser at her house in Wasilla.  I told the attendees that Shell Oil will do anything they can to extract oil from our Chukchi and Beaufort Seas.  They will only do as much as they have to to portray themselves as being prepared to handle Arctic oil spills, but they really don't care whether they can or cannot, as long as they can deploy their production infrastructure.  They will eagerly break any law, statute or regulation they know they can get away with.

They won't be able to have Alaskans hanged and imprisoned for their courage here, like they have had done on their behalf in Nigeria and elsewhere.  But they will destroy careers, whether it be Prof. Rick Steiner or Dr. Charles Monnett.

Although their offshore leases are outside of jurisdiction of the State or Alaska regarding our ability to claim our own share of the profits, they will suborn our politicians, administrators and mainstream media to pump their meme, or to STFU.

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metanoia2k said...

Nicely done, Phil, thank you. So now, as Shell prepares the Village of Wainwright to be their on-shore operations center, the Village has been divided between those who will profit (Olgoonlnik Incorporated) and the traditional subsistence user. But even here, the divisions are not clear cut. For even the subsistence hunter is faced with $6.50 gal gas to harvest game now take a job to pay for the gas. But Shell promises to be a kinder, gentler development force. I promise you this: once the platforms go in, the teeth will come out. Behind the smiling face is the Lizard Face that you will not see until it is too late.