Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Voted

I voted yesterday afternoon at the Division of Elections office on Bogard Road in Wasilla.  I was surprised how many other voters were there.  I'll be working 16 hours on election day, so this proved to be very convenient.

With three people helping at the registration tables, I had to wait in line.  The election workers told me there had been a steady stream of early voters since late morning.

I knew two of the three election workers closely from our kids' activities together in years past, so there was a lot to talk about after I voted.

I voted for Dr. Jill Stein for president, Rep. Sharon Cissna for the U.S. House, and had to write in Alaska House and Senate slots, as there was nobody from my party running against the GOP primary winners.

In all my years of voting since 1968, I have never voted for an incumbent president.

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George said...

I 'protest voted' for years in Ak, then I moved to Oregon and found lots of good candidates to support. Having said that, I did follow your suggestion for the top of the ticket.