Sunday, December 13, 2009

On Richard Mauer's Allen - Tyree Article - More Going on Here

I've long contended that the Anchorage Daily News' Richard Mauer is the best investigative reporter in Alaska. His article in Sunday's Anchorage Daily News, Alleged cover-up cuts into Allen credibility: Bill Allen and Veco, is the latest example.

About Mauer's article, Anchorage attorney Cliff Groh wrote this morning:

Richard Mauer has a long and extensively reported [sic] article in the Anchorage Daily News this morning on the allegations of Bill Allen's crimes with underage girls and attempts to cover them up. The story covers the tortuous history of investigations into those matters and comes complete with a photo gallery and a timeline graphic (the latter apparently not available on-line). In addition to mining documents released in the Ted Stevens and Pete Kott cases, Mauer gets a former teen-aged paramour and her brother on the record with some juicy quotes. The article is called "Alleged cover-up threatens Allen's credibility.

True. But Mauer's article, which is thorough, wasn't the first on this subject. Tony Hopfinger, for the Anchorage Press and The Alaska Dispatch, has covered the same issues. Mauer might have cited Hopfinger. Just a week ago, I read one of Tony's earlier articles on this.

It has now disappeared
. As has some of the coverage of Tony's article. Why?

You can link to articles that mention Tony's early 2009 coverage, but if you click on their links to his stuff, you end up at a dead end.

There may be something up, beyond what Mauer and Hopfinger have been able to articulate. Comments to Mauer's article are all over the place, some even defending Allen's sexual prediliction for underage females. Looking for hints at the levels of protection Lisa Moore and Bambi Tyree may have built into their ability to survive Allen's wrath, Mauer provides us with very little. Richard isn't into speculation. But some of the ADN commenters certainly are:

Allen was a good Christian who had some human flaws.

He did no real harm. The people who helped Ted Stevens escape from the hungry wolves of justice should have helped Mr. Allen too.

We all looked out for one another until times got tough. Then it was every man for himself. Thats not leadership.

and this striking comment:

He wasn't the p*mp he was just another customer, and it wasn't necessarily lawmakers who were using these escort services, it was other prominent movers and shakers of this community.

Who remembers the Ravenite escort agency ?

It was located adjacent to The Buckaroo Club, the same place where Rick Smith was laundering money and just a stone's throw down the street was Don Young's former campaign headquarters, located in a building that was once the home to Cindy's Health Spa, once operated by Johnny Rich.

Rich's daughter is married to the General Counsel of the Republican Party of Alaska.

The sister in law of a very prominent former staffer to Don Young with strong connections to Jack Abramoff, once represented the owner of the Buckaroo Club.

Somebody tortured the bodies of those women and threw them into the inlet in order to send a message, what kind of person would do that ?

I think we're going to be hearing more from Mauer and Hopfinger on this. Very soon.

image - Bambi Tyree


Yusef Asabiyah said...

If you can, would you elaborate a bit on what you want us to take away from the last comment you quote?

I'm not sure what to make of it.

First, I dislike all innuendo and guilt-by-association tactics, and I think I detect these.

Second, the tortured bodies of what women were thrown into the inlet? What and who does this refer to? Were these women who worked at the Ravenite or the Buckaroo?

Third, that the daughter of Johnny Rich is married to the General Counsel of the Republican Party is probably a major plus for the Republican Party because the daughter of Johnny Rich has nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

Mayor Begich was responsible for closing the Ravenite and other clubs down, was he not?

Yusef Asabiyah said...

"Allen was a good Christian"

I wonder how much lower these people can drag their religion and still have anyone continue to take it or them seriously.

Allen may be a Christian but I don't think he can or should be called a good Christian. Maybe these people who would call him thus will pray for him and treat him mercifully but justly. But for heaven's sake, I hope they will cease to extol the man as virtuous.

Philip Munger said...


I was using the second quote to indicate part of the range of comments at Mauer's article. There are more than enough brutal, unsolved murders in the Anchorage area.

Anonymous said...

So remember, don't just link! Be sure to copy over, and save important work -- yours and those of other writers -- to disk. Because if an article is represented on 100 blogs, it can't be lost. You hope.

Anonymous said...

Phil - Is this the document that you were referring to ?

Anonymous said...

this cached version has some of the original comments that were left.

Can't let stuff like this be lost to the memory hole.

Yusef Asabiyah said...

I ended up reading all of the ADN article and the 123 or so comments following-- and there was some amazing, shocking, and creepy stuff going on.

Apparently, "tortured the bodies of those women" refers to the corpses of two women, whose names and identities are now known, recovered not very far from AIH-owner and convicted felon Boehm's house in south Anchorage.

ADN had reported Boehm claimed to have information for the police about these murders at the time he was arrested, but this doesn't seem to have been pursued. Boehm also wanted to have Allen brought into his case as (I believe) a witness, but this also was not pursued.

There's a lot which hasn't been pursued.

You might be interested to know your story of November 21, 2008 about Boehm, the Anchorage serial killer, and Jerry Ward was linked to in the ADN comments following the Allen story. You predicted Jerry Ward would be pursued, but of course so far, he hasn't been.

Philip Munger said...


I've heard he got cut into some sort of immunity deal.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Phil.

Sasquatch said...

The removed Alaskadispatch page:

was copied to:

shortly after it was "disappeared" but before it was removed from google cache.