Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lessons Learned in VA, CA and NJ: Is Rahm Emanuel Orchestrating 2010 Democratic Massacre?

--- by Jane Hamsher

1993: Rahm is the architect of NAFTA

1994: Unions stay home after NAFTA. Democratic turnout poor, Democrats give up 54 seats in House

2005: Rahm as head of DCCC recruits pro-war Dems, threatens to cut funds for any Dem who runs opposing the war

2006: Ned Lamont beats Joe Lieberman by opposing the war, opens the floodgates for candidates to buck Rahm & fuel Democratic takeover of House. Rahm’s pro-war candidates lose

2007: Rahm blames failure of his pet pro-war candidates on immigration. Makes Freshmen co-sponsor anti-immigrant SAVE act

2007: SAVE Act triggers Hispanic Caucus revolt on the floor of the House

2007: Rahm demands Democratic candidates inoculate themselves against expected GOP attacks by moving to the right on immigration.” Says Hispanics “don’t vote, ignore ‘em”

2008: Hispanics provide Obama’s margin of victory in Florida, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado

2009: Rahm Emanuel pushing “triggers” to kill President’s campaign promise of a public option in January

2009: Creigh Deeds reenacts Little Bighorn in Virgina after saying he’ll “opt-out” of public option and Democrats stay home

2009: Bill Owens endorses public option, pulls off surprising upset in district with GOP advantage

2009: John Garamendi defies beltway conventional wisdom that Democrat in CA-10 had to be conservative like Ellen Tausher to hold the seat, says he’ll vote against any bill that doesn’t have a public option (or has triggers), scores decisive win

2009: On behalf of banks, Rahm helps Democrats water down post-Enron investor protections in Sarbanes-Oxley

2009: Jon Corzine loses in the wake of “growing anti-Goldman [Sachs]” sentiment”

2009: The day after the election, Senate Dems still pushing triggers

Rahm doesn’t think about Democratic turnout.

His reputation for “winning a Democratic majority” rests on his ability as a self-promoter to take credit for victories that happened in spite of him. The truth is that his “act more like Republicans” strategy just hasn’t worked out, and we’re getting whiffs of the disaster it spells for Democrats who follow it.

[as some in Alaska may know, Ethan Berkowitz' biggest 2008 backer was Rahm Emanuel, whose support for Ethan Progressive Alaska strenuously opposed.

Ethan lost.

[By far, the strongest national netroots supporter for Sen. Mark Begich in 2008 was Blue America, which Progressive Alaska helped steer toward Mark.

Mark won.

[They no longer support Sen. Begich, because he appears to have become a supporter of Emanuel's failing national strategy. I'll be the first in line to Get Blue America back behind Mark, should he rejoin the Democratic Party of Alaska's ideals.

[Jane's article varies in my feelings on Tuesday's election results in that Corzine was a helluva slimeball, and she might have mentioned that. Also, she didn't bring up the emerging information tying Emanuel directly to Pentagon efforts in October to undermine efforts to hold overseas defense and other U.S. department contractors to the standard of allowing American rape victims working for those American companies to be able to sue their employers for damages, and to deny future contracts to such firms.]


AKjah said...

Phil. I dont porport to understand the whole Rham thing. Somethings just dont make any sense. The boy wonder needs a wakeup hello experience.
I will say here that Mark should use his knowledge and speak for the people of Alaska and forgo the riches that conformity may bestow. He knows he has a home. Then go Mark support the people and you would be bigger a man than anyone. Not many have the capacity or guts to do it. But i wont hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work on this Phil. I have been thinking Emmanuel was looking like a weasel in the henhouse for some time now.