Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saradise Lost - Book 2 - Chapter 20 -- Andy Halcro & Mike Malloy Discuss Palin's Narcissism

More fallout from the combination of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's video interview with right-wing "film maker" John Ziegler, and her Thursday press release about the awful way the press treats her.

Andrew Halcro discusses one aspect of Palin's narcissism in his Saturday post. He brings back an interview Gov. Palin had last year, before she had been selected as e John McCain's running mate. In it, Palin complains that Hillary Clinton has to grow up and stop whining about how the press treats her.

And here is Mike Malloy, national progressive talk radio personality, discussing Gov. Palin's narcissim, as illustrated in her interview on Monday with Ziegler.


Peter Stanton said...

I think Sarah should just focus on the word "also" and not use it - ever. Start with the small steps.

Philip Munger said...


I also concur. also.

Anonymous said...

I, also, too, think she should focus on that also.

Annette said...

and reform also too also reform the reformers also


Anonymous said...

Bush isn't a Narcissist, just a "Bully" however Gov. Grifter is classic...all psych students should be required to watch her interviews.
And yeah "Toxic" nice touch... :)