Friday, November 21, 2008

How Skinny of a Tightrope is the FBI Walking Here?

According to ex-Anchorage Daily News reporter Tataboline Brant, in a story filed for the ADN in early 2004, but no longer available for free on-line, when Alaska Industrial Hardware owner Josef Boehm was busted at an Anchorage crack house, he wanted to come clean:

In a police station restroom in December after his arrest on a crack cocaine charge, Anchorage businessman Josef F. Boehm teased an officer with a remarkable comment: He could, he suggested, tell police something about missing women in Anchorage.

According to transcripts of court proceedings, the officer, after hearing the remark, took Boehm to FBI headquarters downtown to talk to federal authorities, where Boehm went further: He said he might have information on two female torsos that washed up on Turnagain Arm shores last year.

Anchorage and Alaska have a long history of mysteriously unsolved sex crimes involving prominent Republicans and their supporters. Robert Hansen, the Anchorage serial killer from the late 1970s through early 1980s, was a prominent skeet shooter at many high profile Alaska GOP shooting events during that period. He has not accounted for all the women he killed.

In 1992, while working for Bill Weimar as the director of his Anchorage Cordova Center, I had to deal with the Department of Corrections' unwillingness to send a serial rapist back to prison, for his conduct while a resident at the Cordova Center. In the hearing, held at Anchorage's Cook Inlet Pre-Trial Facility, sitting in the shadows, intimidating the hearing officers, was Wally Hickel's cleaner/plumber, Jerry Ward.

I almost lost the hearing. I wanted this sick fuck kid back in prison forever. Ward wanted him on the street, so his grateful dad would feed more money to Wally, and possibly Ward. But, just as the hearing officers seemed to be ready to accommodate Ward, a courageous probation officer, who had a hunch on this kid, came into the hearing room, and handed a long fax to the hearing chief. He looked at it a long time.

The fax was from the King County Washington Sheriff. They were interested in this kid, based on information the probation officer and I had shared with them. The kid is still in prison.

Ward was pissed that I had won.

As I've been saying, we'll hear more about Jerry Ward soon.

images: Boehm, Hanson, Ward (the last by Ken Erickson)


Anonymous said...

Anyone with a library card can log into the ZJ Loussac library portal and read the article in the ADN archives.

Or you can just download the story from my server

Anonymous said...

oops, i should check your links first, I see that you already linked to it.

sorry 'bout that.

Anonymous said...

there's another body too.

if you look at the document on the server called timeline you'll see a rough outline of events hashed together from the ADN archives.

On the face of it, this may not look like much, but there IS a lot more to this story.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps a bit of digging into land ownership changes up around Caswell will reveal more names to delve into...

As for Bohem. More than one parent has dragged their teen mom away from that house in Oceanview.

Anonymous said...

What's really twisted is that APRN used to be located above the AIH store on the Old Seward Highway.

Jerry Ward is also a CIRI shareholder and has unsuccessfully run for the Board of Directors.

There are too many coincidences related to all of this.

Who knew that Kim Rich (Johnny's Girl) was married to William Large, the legal counsel to the AK Republican Party ?

Cindy's Massage Parlor, the place where her father was murdered, later became Don Young's campaign headquarters.

The owner of the Buckaroo Club was once represented by the sister-in-law of Duane Gibson, Duane of Don Young & Jack Abramoff fame.

Don't get me started on Jerry Hood and The Teamsters.

Did you know that Jerry Hood knew Jimmy Hoffa Sr ?

It's true.

And then there's the whole Jerry Pasley thing, but I won't won't go there.

The most disarming thing about all of this is that I knew the woman who killed herself, and needless to say I was shocked when I found out about her death.

She was the last person I would have expected to do such a thing, it was VERY out of character for her.

Anonymous said...

Here is the web-archived orginal of the Ta Brant story that ran in the ADN, complete with Boehm's mug shot.

Anonymous said...

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