Monday, November 5, 2012

Watching FOX News on Election Eve

The only FOX commentator I watched (actually listened to, as I was correcting papers and exams) who even gave Obama a chance of winning was Bill O'Reilly.  Pretty much all the rest are predicting, as Newt Gingrich just described it, "A Romney landslide."

There isn't going to be a Romney landslide, unless there is some very serious criminal fuckery afoot in Ohio and elsewhere.  Obama is most likely going to squeak through with 290 or more electoral votes.  He won't have coat-tails, though, and the House will remain pretty solid GOP, while the Senate will remain Blue Dog Democrat-controlled.

What struck me, watching or listening to FOX was how total that network is working non-stop as a free political advertisement for the far right.  I've known that for years, but seldom subject myself to actually experiencing that immersion.

The most disgusting thing, when I actually watched, was seeing the constant play of Obama speaking, with people of color in the background cheering him, compared to the throngs of white people cheering Romney.  It is intentional, and it is blatantly racist.  And - they just don't care that it is, because it is wedded and welded to the network's business model.

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Steve said...

And they're setting up their listeners to 'know' that there was chicanery by the Democrats when Obama wins.