Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Best Veterans Day Event in Anchorage Today? How About This One

I'll be performing in this concert today, as a member of the UAA Wind Ensemble, at the Atwood Concert Hall in the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts.  The musicians are very thoroughly rehearsed.  We've performed all or parts of the concert four times already:  At Dimond High School, at East High School, in Kenai, and in Homer.

This concert will be a first for me in two ways:

I'm making my debut as a French horn player.  The only brass instrument I had never performed upon, I started learning it in mid-August.  What a marvelous thing the French horn is.  The most amazing thing is that one's right hand is inserted in the horn bell, so that one feels every tone, as it is created.  It is also a very fussy, very tricky instrument, but the rewards of getting things right make it all worthwhile.

This series is the first time I have performed in an ensemble accompanying the Anchorage Concert Chorus.  It is one of the finest large chorales in the Pacific Northwest.

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