Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day 11/11/2012

The largest demographic group among American homeless are military veterans.  We all see them in urban settings:  at street corners, in supermarket parking lots, at parks, along curbs and heating vents in large or huge cities.

Did homeless vets or the frightening number of veterans committing suicide or incarcerated come up during the 2012 presidential campaign?


Will Obama more rationally approach the care of Veterans during his second term than he did during his first, or than George W. Bush did during his eight years?

Let us hope so!


Anonymous said...


your attempt to malign the president without any evidence whatsoever is becoming all too familiar,

....and just as disgustingly wrong as your previous attempts.

Philip Munger said...


Hoping the president will do more than he has for veterans is not maligning him.

Obama is a war criminal.

His drone attacks have killed more civilians than were killed on September 11th 2001. He should be arraigned and put in a docket at The Hague.

I suppose those deaths are OK with you, though?

Anonymous said...

scrubbing others responses to make yourself look better?

That figures....

Anonymous said...

your plainly stated assertion that the president hasn't 'rationally' approached the needs of veterans has no evidentiary basis in reality.


Attempting to change the subject, rather than address the comment is especially trite and childish.

The topic of discussion is care for returning vets not questions of drone policy.

Such tactics to deflect honest debate are expected from children or say Fox news hosts.

Not so much from someone claiming to be a 'progressive'.