Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mat-Su Government Peak Victory: Motorized Corridor Defeated Once Again!

--- from Envision Mat-Su

Special thanks to all of you who took the time to contact the Borough Assembly to make your voice heard: It made a huge difference! We are happy to report that the Assembly voted unanimously to adopt the Gov. Peak Asset Management plan as is- and reject propsals for a Motorized Corridor through the Government Peak Recreation Area!

Home-owners, local businesses, Ski team coaches and a variety of both non-motorized and motorized users all spoke out eloquently against the concept of incorporporating a motorized corridor in this world class area.

At the meeting, many community members relayed concerns about safety hazards, recreational and property values, economics and the overall imporatance of the area. Several Palmer-Fishhook residents spoke specifically about negative impacts that would occur to property values in the area if a motorized corridor was adopted.

Many of the residents who spoke, initially purchased property in the Government Peak area after 1986 with the understanding that it wouldn’t be a motorized area. Your voice over the years has been crucial to the process in keeping the Gov. Peak Rec. Area a unique world-class asset!

Government Peak has remained as such due to thousands of community comments, more than a dozen meetings, several amendments to Borough legislation, feedback from trail users and committees, local residents and community councils.

Read more about the new Hatcher Pass Ski Development in progress - it will be a tremendous boost to our local economy and soon draw visitors throughout the state and across the globe to the Mat-Su.

Current Action:

We need to focus our collective energy and attention on the Jim Creek Asset Management Plan to ensure a balanced approach is achieved for this additional world class natural Asset.

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