Monday, July 2, 2012

The Skiff is Refurbished

I finished one of many summer projects today.  Our 16-foot Klamath skiff was built in 1974.  We bought it in 1993.  It has seen a lot of use over those 20 years with us.  The previous owner had used it in Southeast Alaska and the Mat-Su Valley.  We've put it in the water in Whittier, Kenai, Valdez, Susitna Landing, Big Lake, Nancy Lake, Finger Lake and Neklason Lake.  We've probably landed over 500 salmon on it in those 20 years. 

I made new floorboards, patched over a lot of "owies," cleaned up net-fouling rivets and bolt ends on the hull, and repainted the interior.

Below, one of Judy's roses from the property edge berm:

A new, ripening broccoli bud:

Rapidly growing fennel plants:

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