Monday, July 16, 2012

Bain Must Now Produce Its CEO from 1999 to 2002

Will the real CEO please step forward
--- by Teddy Partridge

If, as claimed by both Bain and Mitt Romney (separately, ha-ha) he was not, as attested in documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Chief Executive Officer, the President, the Chairman of the Board, the managing director and the sole stockholder, then who was? Bain (and Romney) must produce this shy, disinclined-to-sign person who allowed someone to sign in his stead for three years while, in fact, he was in charge.
What kind of businessman permits the founder and sole stockholder to sign all the federal papers that he himself should sign, for three years? Who is this chimera who would be CEO, except thatMitt Romney retained that role, in appearances at least, while traveling from Utah to Boston for Board meetings and company business? If Romney had nothing to do with the business while “saving” the Olympics, as he claims, who was the steward of the business he left behind?
Who ran Bain?
For that matter, where are the Board minutes supporting Ed Gillespie’s claim that Romney ‘retroactively retired‘ in 2002, effective 1999? Board minutes must support this contention, right? And they also must support all Romney’s other contradictory contentions regarding his tenure, I would imagine. For instance, the purchase of the abortion-profiteer company that burned up dead babies: that profitable enterprise’s absorption into the Bain borg must be approved somewhere. The Board must have approved Romney’s request for a part-time leave of absence. Whose signatures are on those papers? Was the Board vote unanimous approving these actions by Romney?
If Bain wants their man Mitt in the White House, if Wall Street has decided the non-prosecutorial bent of Team Obama isn’t fealty enough, if the Masters of the Universe want one of their own in the Oval, they can produce these documents and clarify everything.
We’re waiting.

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George said...

and we are still waiting for GWB record in the air national guard. won't get any satisfaction on this one also.