Wednesday, April 11, 2012

State Rep. Sharon Cissna to Run Against U.S. Rep. Don Young

Alaska Rep. Sharon Cissna - image by Steve Aufrecht
According to Anchorage blogger, Steve Aufrecht, who is in Juneau, covering the end of the 2012 Alaska Legislature for his blog, What Do I Know?:
After the House adjourned until tomorrow, I had lunch where I heard that Sharon Cissna had announced plans to run for Congress against Don Young.  So I went to her office to confirm that.   It was true and her concerns with TSA will be a big part of that.
 According to KTUU TV News:
State Rep. Sharon Cissna, who made national headlines last year for refusing an airport security pat-down, plans to run for Alaska's lone U.S. House seat.

Sharon Cissna says she's not running against anyone but running to advance ideas. She says she wants to take her fight against the Transportation Security Administration to Washington and also advocate for more economic opportunities.

The 70-year-old Democrat has a tough road, not only in challenging Rep. Don Young, who is seeking his 21st term, but also in campaigning.

She has shunned air travel when she must go through TSA checkpoints. But she says she and her husband plan to travel the state using a car, motor home, the ferry system and even a canoe. Small planes are also an option.


Anonymous said...

How will she get to Washington, D.C.? Ox Cart?

pam said...

I am very proud of you mom, lets beat don and if i can do any thing to help please let me know.

pam said...

go mom someone who understanding and supportive who's fun and intersting someone that cares all about of the people in the world, and lets beat don young .

Anonymous said...

I don't think you should the violated when you travel. With today's technology you can Skype into Washington you don't even have to be there. LOL.
Alaska need a new to face I don't think anyone should run for office for that many years. That's 1 of our problems with our country nowadays. We have too many People that has been in office for way too long. It's called retirement. Its call change. I support you you go for it you have my vote.

Anonymous said...

Sharon Cissna has been having a number of health issue, including a series of mini strokes that have impacted her mental health. I don't think she is fit to run for Congress or serve as Alaka's representative. She has become inefficient and if you listen to her debate, she comes off as unstable and not very intelligent. I dont like Don Young, but Sharon Cissna is not the right choice.