Sunday, April 22, 2012

Celebrating Earth Day With Home-Grown Food

Late this morning, Judy and I went out to help some friends with landscaping, greenhouse and gardening ideas.  It was cool to help friends who haven't been serious vegetable gardeners lately get set up to dive back in.

Then we came home in the afternoon, to spend a bit more time getting our own vegetables on their start to fulfillment in 2012.  Above are 36 tomato starters that are going to be given away to a number of friends: Stupice, Green Zebra, Violet Jasper, Morning Sun and Mini Orange.

Below, three kinds of squash:

Lettuce - Red:

Lettuce - Green:

Two Long Anglais cucumber plants:

Chinese Red Noodle Beans:

Our Earth Day homegrown arugula-beet-parmesan salad, with Rosenblum Monte Rosso Zinfandel:

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Steve said...

I have no idea how you manage to do all this. I'm in awe. I think you lived two or three lives in the space of one ordinary life. I'm sure Judy has a little bit to do with it.