Friday, April 13, 2012

Lots Of Political Action in Wasilla Saturday - I'll Be Polling

April 15th 2009, Wasilla Tea Party Tax Day Event
Saturday morning, the Mat-Su Democrats will be caucusing:

I'll be there, as a District 13 member, voting my preference.

Later in the day, in early afternoon, the Wasilla Tea Party Conservatives will have their annual Tax Day event at Newcomb Park:
I'll be there, photographing the event, and - for the third time - polling participants.

I'll be asking people at the caucus and the Tea Party event the same set of questions:
Questions for Mat-Su Democratic Party Caucus
and Wasilla CPG Tea Party Tax Rally

1.  President Obama’s administration’s Solicitor General recently sided with plaintiffs in the Supreme Court Decision granting police authority to strip search any prisoner held, even for the smallest charge.  Do you agree?

2.  President Obama asserts the right to be able to assassinate any American overseas for any reason his advisors see fit, without recourse to even attempt due process.  He also asserts that all information on how these decisions are made needs to be kept secret.  Do you agree?

3.  President Obama has markedly expanded the use of of armed drone strikes in countries around the world.  Do you agree?

4.  President Obama has used the Espionage Act for prosecution of more people than all previous administrations combined.  Do you approve?


Anonymous said...

The Democratic Party in Alaska is so expletive disorganized.

Anonymous said...

Just drove by the Tea Bagger Rally in Wassy. There were the usual suspects present. These people will never broaden their horizons. Nice to see that they are taking America "back" in generational increments. Today, 1940's, next year, 1840's? I personally can't wait until they "take it back" to the 400's, when the poor, persecuted christians still had to worship underground and keep their fairytales to themselves.

George said...

great questions which will make lots of people squirm. Whatever happens, I will miss your old standby, "How old is the world?"