Monday, January 30, 2012

Stupid Valley Sled Punks Post Long Video of Themselves Breaking the Law

Hey, Dudes - too late to take it down. We've already copied it, its url and all that, and sent it on to DNR.

They're snowmobiling in an area of Hatcher Pass closed to motorized recreation.


baja said...

I am all for throttle monkeys having designated riding areas. Alaska is a BIG state. Plenty of room for everyone. They want to risk life and limb for a matinee ticket in thrillville? Find lots of snow and take your trailers to where it is legal. Reach for that Throttle God Hero status, Dude!

Some areas should be reserved for those Granola Greenies who wish to enjoy nature in its preserved state without the noise and risk of being around off road vehicles. For those sensitive types who want to enjoy the sites and sounds of nature without the whine of motors, fumes, risk in safety, and environmental degradation of plants and soils.

Nice sled, Dude...

Anonymous said...

Was that Toad Palin I saw, breaking the rules AGAIN?

Anonymous said...

I hope this video does not invite more sno-go runs.

Anonymous said...

Todd and Sarah don't have to follow the rules, they can do what they want till you take them to court. Remember they are Queen and First Dude of Alaska and they will continue until someone stands up to them and tells them NO more.

baja said...

Todd, and Sarah Palin? Really?

R. Tyson Steele said...

I live in Utah and spend my weekends at a cabin to get away from the whine of motors. My cabin is surrounded by thousands of acres of snowmobile restricted forest. Next to that, there are hundreds of miles free to the snowmobiles. Any guesses as to where all the snowmobilers go??

On my cabin deck.

Yes, you heard me right, ON my cabin deck. One time, I walked out the front door and almost got hit by a snowmobiler.

Not only do they choose to drive in a restricted zone (+ private property), these jerks drive their sleds literally on top of the surrounding cabins, even knowing people are inside them.

And get this. I pointed a BB gun at the trespassers once and told them to leave. They called the police, and I took off on my snowshoes through a dense forest that the snowmobilers couldn't get through. When the police saw me running, they called for backup. I was only like 17 years old.

Where I live, its perfectly fine to shoot and kill someone who continually trespasses on your property, but here I was, running through the forest from a dozen snowmobile cops on snowmobile restricted private property for pointing a BB gun (unloaded) at a trespasser.

As you can see, this video struck a nerve with me.

Thanks for sharing!