Tuesday, January 3, 2012

ACLU 2012 Report Card: Ron Paul Creams Obama


Anonymous said...

here's the report card

Anonymous said...


here, with links to opinion pieces by Sullivan, Greenwald, and Stoller is an opinion about Paul, libertarianism, etc .
I think this wider discussion , across all these opinions of Paul, is necessary .
I for one as an old left-left libertarian leaning soul am totally not impressed with Paul- however much I agree with some of his stated stances or votes as the ideas underlying his stances are regugnant to me .
I think it just as important to inspect the underlying ideas as the seemingly acceptable result/stance. I cannot accept that Paul's no-war/civil liberty stance flows from a place which is in the end humanist and just.

Dan Heynen said...

Good article on Paul vs progressives: