Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cenk and Alyona Discuss the SOTU Speech on RT TV

I listened to the beginning of his triumphalist, militarist, inaccurate pap yesterday evening, driving between East High School and UAA. I tried watching the entire speech late last night, after I got home from work. I couldn't finish it.

I've never voted for an incumbent US president before (1972 - George McGovern, 1980 - Gus Hall and Angela Davis, 1996 - Ralph Nader and Winona LaDuke, 2004 - John Kerry), and it's looking more and more like I'm not going to break that record.


Mule Breath said...

You omitted 1984. Did you vote McGovern then too? Or was it Mondale? Gary Hart was my man.

Philip Munger said...

I missed 1984.