Sunday, January 1, 2012

For Alex: Nine Posts on Ron Paul

Alex, Strider and Ron
Our son, Alex, is for Ron Paul.

He's not to the point of going out and knocking on doors for the Congressman/presidential candidate.  Like a lot of young people, he feels Paul is the only candidate on either side of the Democrat-Republican line who is seriously addressing the vital issues now facing us:  our failed, awfully expensive imperial wars; the revolving access door to Wall Street crooks that the Obama administration has come to be emblematic of; the failed, racist war on drugs; and the assault on constitutional rights.

So, in honor of our son actually taking an interest in politics for a change, I'll post at least nine Ron Paul articles between now and the end of Iowa's GOP Caucus day - January 3rd.

Here is Ron Paul's supporters' most recent ad addressing charges of racism against him:

Here is Rep. Paul reacting to parts of the ad on C-SPAN:

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Anonymous said...

Not surprising your spawn would like Ron Paul.