Sunday, December 15, 2013

The World According to Monsanto: The Full Movie


Anonymous said...

Sadly this may be the last year i have clean salmon and halibut in the freezer. When do they mess with our local carrots and potatoes. Thanks Mr Phil I did watch the whole thing. homeroid.

Anonymous said...

Even this Red Kneck Republicans is alarmed

Anonymous said...

Phil, do you have any idea who the now retired DEA Agent who lived in the palins neighborhood in the last 15 years. Now lives in MI. This person knows them well, says they're both nice and would play host when someone special comes to town (special meaning high echelon of society)

One thing I have noticed is that just prior to 2005, Sarah and Todd went from cuddly and normal relationship to super serious.

This from candid pics and hearsay. I believe it's like a female Obama effect. The Gov election is akin to his senatorial election.

And now that all that's over, they're back to normal and less serious.

Anonymous said...

Do you know where Sarah and Todd met their upper echelon friends down here that are involved with numerous charities? I know they attend functions of that nature and have charitable ties to the American Legion and food drives, but they know so many people from all over. Most have been to Alaska for personal birthdays and visits.