Saturday, December 8, 2012

Why Did "Judge" Paul Pozonsky Slip Through the Alaska Media Radar? - Part Six: ADN Reacts Strangely to Reception of Lisa Demer's Story on Pozonski

This from the ADN comments at Lisa Demer's story about "Judge Paul Pozonsky's sudden resignation last Thursday:
Anyone else noticing that comments that refer to the poor journalistic investigating style of ADN i.e. Moore an opinion columnist was better have been removed?
And these two comments from Shannyn Moore's short story on this at The Mudlfats today:
I wrote a comment this morning over on the Anchorage Daily News’ article about the resignation. I wrote that it was amazing the convolutions the ADN went through to try to bump Shannyn up from a columnist to one of their reporters “breaking this story last week”. Also, the last comment a few minutes ago was someone observing that all the posts about Shannyn being a columnist, etc. had been removed. I looked for my comment and it was gone. So, I went to hit reply to this post about the disappearing posts, and could not see a “reply” buttom. Well, now I have a big yellow notice that I am now blocked from posting comments on the site. I just picked another story at random, same yellow blocking notice. Is this a violation of my freedom of speech? I really do dislike the Anchorage Daily News. Choosing the color yellow for these notices is priceless. Nice work Shannyn. 
This has happened to me also. Only regret is the possible range of readership. ADN has become such a disappointment. Also sorry to hear that the Juneau Empire is going for paid e-news. Generally the coverage of State Government is pitiful. I sincerely hope some of our dedicated bloggers will be able to pick up the slack. I read Alaska Dispatch daily and get lots more well produced news than anywhere else. Most often they scoop all the other outlets. I do believe Shannyn should be credited with breaking this particular story. The power of the press does still live!!! Thanx all. n 
I'm not sure why this is being played the way it is at the ADN. Anyone have any clues?


Anonymous said...

I get a message that I'm blocked on ADN each day, but I just have to login again at the top and I'm good to go. Granted, I've been "blocked" for real, over the years, and had to create a new account with a new email, but it seems to me like ADN just "logs us out" each day and makes us log back in.

Anonymous said...

I got blocked by ADN (before Disqus) when a Alaska Native story came out and every comment was racist, negative and down right vulgar.

So I took sentences from 4 different vular commentors and made one single comment "of my own".

My comment disappeared and I was blocked. Yet the other vulgar, rude, down right racist comments remained.

At the end of that week, I left the bowels of ADN stories. Never to return.

If I want to read something they might of wrote and if I remember, I'll read a used hard copy left in the newspaper bin at a restaurant or coffee shop. If they have one.

I guess my racist, rude comment, actually taken from the commenters on the same Alaska Native story, wasn't original enough for them.

My sister tells me that nothing has changed. A Alaska Native story is published and the rude, vulgar and down right racist comments ensue.
As a white man, living here for 28 years, I am sickened by how ADN let racist comments ensue back then.

sendlawyersgunsandmoney said...

I left the ADN community years ago. I blame the loss of the Anchorage Times for the beginning of ADN's decline. The Times spewed terrible stuff, but it kept ADN sharp and in check. Not perfect, but a good balance in an oil state. I cruise over there for headlines, but usually am struck more by what is not there that what is. I actually read more on the News-Miner site. That paper is poor, but always has been, and my expectations are much lower.

Anonymous said...

The only thing worse than being without clothes in the Alaskan cold is to have the readers commenting and making fun of your nakedness. I wonder whether the 'reporters' left at the ADN even know whether they are left naked by editorial policy or by their own willful and shared incompetence.