Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why Did "Judge" Paul Pozonsky Slip Through the Alaska Media Radar? - Part Three: Pittsburgh Tribune Begins Covering the Story

Where did the crack and cash go, "Judge"?
From today's Pittsburgh Tribune, at their website, TribLIVE:

A former Washington County Common Pleas judge under investigation by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office now works for the state of Alaska in a judicial position. 
Paul Pozonsky, 57, started as a Worker’s Compensation Board hearing officer in October, Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development spokeswoman Beth Leschper said Tuesday. 
Leschper did not respond to questions about Pozonsky’s qualifications or whether the department was aware of the investigation, which began after Pozonsky issued an order to destroy evidence in 17 criminal cases. 
Robert Del Greco, the Downtown attorney for Pozonsky, could not be reached for comment Tuesday. 
Pozonsky will earn about $79,000 annually overseeing and ruling on matters before the compensation board. His North Strabane house sold for $410,000 in November, according to the Washington County Recorder of Deeds. 
Pozonsky resigned June 29 after 14 years on the bench, and a month after county President Judge Debbie O’Dell Seneca removed him from hearing criminal cases. He earned $169,541 annually. 
According to criminal complaints, the evidence in some of the cases included crack and powder cocaine, heroin, marijuana and at least $2,000 in cash. [emphases added]
According to a commenter at another Outside news story on Pozonsky's background:
I'm not accusing the judge of doing anything untoward (regarding the election). However, his decision to punt the Home Rule Charter Amendment decision back to the voters of Peters Township essentially turned the 2011 election in favor of the Republican candidate, Vittone.
Obviously, not a story newsworthy enough for the Alaska media.  

Leave it to those pesky bloggers to rake the muck on this, eh?

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