Saturday, December 1, 2012

UAA Early Music Ensemble to Perform Sunday at 4:00

With this year's hire of Dr. John Lutterman at the University of Alaska Anchorage Department of Music, the school has acquired a third faculty member with special expertise in Baroque music.  Last spring, when Dr. Lutterman was on campus being evaluated with the other finalists for an opening in music theory and applied performance, I was especially impressed with his performance of his own transcription of a slow movement from a concerto for violoncello, by Antonio Vivaldi.

Joining him in performance Sunday afternoon will be Dr. Laura Koenig on flute and Dr. Roland Stearns, on lute.  According to fellow Alaska progressive blogger, Steve Aufrecht, who is also helping mentor Dr. Lutterman through his first year at UAA:
The instruments are all modern reconstructions of instruments from the 16th-18th centuries.  The first half of the program is mostly short pieces from the 16th & 17th centuries by lesser-known composers: Milano, Ortiz, Hume, Simpson, Frescobaldi, Mico, de la Barre, Berteau.  The second half is mostly German high-Baroque: Telemann, Bach, and Handel.
UAA faculty recitals are a great deal price-wise.  I hope to see many people there tomorrow.

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