Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Why Did "Judge" Paul Pozonsky Slip Through the Alaska Media Radar? - Part Two

Jeanne Devon at The Mudflats has posted a second round of alternative media-based articles on what may be the biggest scandal of the Parnell administration.  Here's AKM's opener:

Chuck Kopp, Chief of Staff to Republican State Senator Fred Dyson, and a two-week Palin administration official, dismissed over a sex scandal is now at the center of another firestorm – the controversial hiring of his brother-in-law Paul Pozonsky by the Parnell administration. 
"Pozonsky, a Pennsylvania judge under investigation for destroying evidence (including crack cocaine and cash) in 17 criminal cases was hired by the Parnell administration as an Alaska hearings officer. He was given the job despite his late application, the fact that the current investigation has stripped him of his ability to hear cases, and that he was the subject of a year-long protection from abuse order for domestic violence." 
A few months ago, the hearing officer position with the Workers’ Compensation Board opened. Applications arrived, the application process closed, resumes were reviewed, candidates were interviewed and a hiring decision appeared imminent. But then something happened. The application process was re-opened, a new application arrived, and a late applicant, Paul Pozonsky, got hired. 
To fully appreciate this story, we’ll need to travel back in time to … Troopergate. [emphasis added]
Devon's story just gets better.  Read it.  It deserves the highest accolades an Alaska journalist can get.
As I noted in my earlier article about Shannyn Moore's Sunday op-ed in the Anchorage Daily News about this absurdly inappropriate hire, "Should we start a betting pool on when or if the Alaska media will cover this scandal?"
A commenter at that post countered "I'll bet a pound of moose burger that AK Dispatch covers something on this first."
I challenged APRN radio announcer and news producer Steve Heimel on facebook (and raised him two halibut tacos) to beat the Dispatch.  He didn't directly counter, but Tuesday evening, substituting on KOAN radio for Shannyn Moore, Heimel did bring both Moore's and Devon's articles up.
I just did another Google search to see if KTUU, the ADN, the Dispatch, APRN or the AP have covered the scandal yet.  
More crickets.
Are only Alaska bloggers like Moore (yes, she is still a blogger) and Devon going to bring this story to national attention, while the legacy Alaska media sits on their thumbs?
The clock is ticking.
Devon's post ends with this picture of Gov. Sean Parnell, Sen. Fred Dyson and discredited Public Safety Commissioner Dyson Chief-of-Staff Chuck Kopp:
Corrupt Bastards Club - version 2.0


Anonymous said...

Where are you ADN? Just too chicken to go out and do any reporting that might upset the ad cart.

Anonymous said...

Huh? ADN is the one that published Shannyn's article to begin with... how the heck are they chicken?

Oh and they published another article yesterday.

Oh and the other one by Lisa Demer...

Yep, they've been down right ignoring it.