Friday, October 28, 2011

Occupy Anchorage Saturday!

Ray Metcalfe is going to set up the giant 20-foot-high inflatable rat that has been haunting the Anchorage Daily News HQ on and off for the past month.  I'll be there to help him and Alex Newhall from the Standup Guys set it up.  I've bought a couple of Gadsden flags, to try to start a meme that takes that iconic symbol from the Tea Party usurpers - Re-Occupy Don't Tread on Me!

Saturday may be the last day before winter weather changes how the weekly civil exercises are handled.

Meanwhile, some of the people who created a revolution that tore down generations of dictatorship in Egypt have a message for us:

They should know about police.  Hundreds of them were killed by them in their struggle.  We haven't gotten there yet.

Meanwhile, here's some food for thought:

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