Monday, September 1, 2008

Canvassing for Obama in Wasilla, Alaska - Sarah Palin's Home Town

Judy and I spent the afternoon going through parts of two subdivisions between Wasilla and Palmer, canvassing for the Palmer Barack Obama office. We only visited homes of people who are registered as independent or unaffiliated, and who regularly vote.

The canvassing had been planned last week, so it wasn't a response to the temporary ascension of Gov. Palin.

We weren't supposed to push for Obama unless people wanted information about him. It was Labor Day, so a lot of people were gone, as the weather this weekend was as good as we've seen for a three-day period this summer. We registered some young voters.

A lot of people who had been uncommitted or leaning toward Obama last week, have come over to the McCain-Palin ticket, or, as they sometimes called it, the Palin ticket. They were as understandably proud as we expected they would be.

But we were happy that, given how many people claimed, "I know Sarah," or "I know the Palins," some who do felt she has now gone beyond where her talents might best serve Alaska or the USA.

Still, we didn't expect an Obama landslide to be gestating, even after last week's convention.

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Anonymous said...

judy and phil: could you whip this up into a 600-800 word article with one or two photos; i would like to try to publish it in the new mexico sun news....we want to hear from more and more Alaskans on how it is to have her as Gov....
thanks, and please reply to my email directly.

stephen fox, contributing editor new mexico sun news